Difference Between Mixture and Solution

In chemistry, student tend to mix up or be confused about concepts like mixture and solution. These are basic concepts and there should be no excuse in mixing up the concepts. Besides students should master such concepts and it will help them avoid negative marking during exams. Thus, it is important to know the difference between mixture and solution.

A mixture is a combination of usually two substances. Here, the substances are not combined chemically and their properties also remain the same. However, when we talk about a solution it is totally different. different. Solution is a type of mixture where substances are dissolved. Here you have to know about solute which is a substance that dissolves and solvent which dissolves the solutes to form a solution.

Difference Between Mixture and Solution



In a mixture, substances are generally just mixed and are not completely dissolved.

In a solution, substances are dissolved completely and they cannot be filtered out.

Mixture contains two or more substances, which are not chemically combined. They only have physical interactions.

A solution contains two substances that are chemically mixed to form a new compound.

The chemical properties of each substances are retained without change.

Chemical properties usually changes.

The amount of substances in a mixture can vary and amounts don’t have a fixed ratio.

A solution usually has a fixed ratio or amount of substances.

Mixtures can be mainly divided into two types such as homogenous mixtures and heterogeneous mixtures.

A solution is a type of a homogeneous mixture.