K2SO4 - Potassium sulfate
Carboxylic Acid
Preparation of ketones using various methods
Carbylamine Reaction Mechanism
Kjeldahl Method
Kohlrausch Law
Cathode and Anode
Lactic Acid - C3H6O3
Caustic Soda
Cellulose - (C6H10O5)n
Centrifugation and Churning Process
Lattice Enthalpy of an Ionic Solid
Law of Mass Action
Charge to Mass Ratio of Electron
Laws of Chemical Combination for Elements and Compounds
Chemical Composition
Leaching Process
Chemical Formula of Common Compounds
Lead Acetate - Pb(C2H3O2)2
Chemical Kinetics: Reaction Rate and Concentration
Lead iodide - PbI2
Chemical Properties of Alkenes
Lewis Electron Dot Structures
Chemical Reactions of Amines - Acylation and Basicity
Limitations of Octet Rule
Chemical Properties of Metals
Conditions for LCAO (Linear Combination of Atomic orbitals)
Important Chemical Reactions for Class 12 Chemistry
Liquefaction of Gases
Chemistry Laws
LiBr - Lithium Bromide
Chlorine - Cl
Lithium Hydroxide - LiOH
Chlorine Gas - Cl2
Lucas Test
Chloroacetic acid - C2H3O2Cl
Chloroform: Its Uses and Effects on the Environment
Magnesium Bicarbonate - Mg(HCO3)2
Chromate - CrO42-
Magnesium Chloride - MgCl2
Magnesium nitrate - Mg(NO3)2
Citric Acid - C6H8O7
Magnetic Properties of Solids
Claisen Condensation Mechanism
Malonic acid - C3H4O4
Classification of Drugs
Manganese - Mn
Classification and Nomenclature of Amines
Mannich Reaction Mechanism
Classification of Colloids
Markovnikov's Rule
Classification of Elements in Modern Periodic Table
Polymerization Reaction - Classification
Mass Spectrometry - Principle, Instrumentation, Working, Applications
Organic Compounds - Classification 0f Organic Compounds
Materials and their Classification Bases on Properties
Clemmensen Reduction
Characteristics of Particles of Matter
Clothing Fabric
Measurement of Enthalpy and Internal Energy Change
Coal and its By - Products: Coke, Tar and Coal Gas
Melting and Boiling Point
Colligative Properties
Mercury - Hg
Collision Theory
Band Theory of Metals
Colour of Transition Elements
Metallic Bonds
Column Chromatography Principle
Difference Between Metals and Nonmetals
Combustion Of Hydrocarbons: Alkanes
Methane - CH4
Common Ion Effect
Methods of Preparation of Alkenes in the Laboratory
Complexometric Titration
Methyl acetate - C3H6O2
Common Compounds Of Boron - Characteristics
Methylene blue - C16H18ClN3S
Concentration of Solution and Different Ways of Expressing It
Methyl Salicylate - C8H8O3
Conductometric Titration
Mineral Resources
Conformation & Conformational Isomers
Mitsunobu Reaction
Conformation of Cyclohexane
Modern Periodic Table and its Significance
Coordination Number
Trends of Chemical Reactivity in Periodic Table