CTET 2022 Mistakes Need To Be Avoided on Exam Day

CTET 2022 Mistakes Need To Be Avoided on Exam Day

CTET 2022 7 Mistakes Need To Be Avoided on Exam Day - CTET is the most sought examination for aspirants who want to build a career in the school teaching field. CTET 2022 exam is conducted in online mode for paper 1 and paper 2. CTET 2022 exam date will be announced soon on the official website. The CTET 2022 exam will be conducted in CBT online mode. Most applicants are preparing to get shortlisted for recruitment for a long time. Candidates make errors due to fear, tension, nervousness and so on, despite having sufficient preparation.

It is necessary to examine all the items beforehand and follow CTET exam day guidelines so that your opportunity will not be lost only because of a few minor errors. Most of the time, these errors occur due to overthinking, hurrying while reading questions and many more, such as some candidates taking print out of the CTET admit card 2022 on the day of the test. In this article, read about basic mistakes that can be avoided and you can give a stress-free examination.

CTET: Important Dates

Candidates should track the CTET important dates to get aware of important events. Check below the table of important dates as per the official notification by the examination authority.

Don't Make These 7 Mistakes of CTET Exam

Don’t Be Late

It will be clearly specified in the CTET admit card 2022 that it is mandatory for applicants to enter the examination centre at least 90 minutes before the start of the examination. To reach the CTET exam centre on time is crucial, it will help you to relax and calm down from the stress of the test. The exam centre sometimes does not allow late arrivals to reach the venue of the exam. So it's important to avoid these implications. If your test centre is in some other area, you must arrive there a day before the CTET inspection date to get an idea of the location and availability of the car.

Don’t Forget Important Documents

A hard copy of the CTET admit card 2022 and the other documents must be carried to the CTET exam centre. As specified in the official CTET notification, along with the admit card, photo identification such as PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card and others must be carried. If you assemble all the documents a day before the examination, it will be simpler. Do not take the risk to print out the admit card on the day of the examination. Please ensure the photograph of the passport size must be with you. You must apply the same photograph to the admit card that you submitted during the registration process.

Never Lose Patience while Reading Question Paper

The biggest mistake most students make in the exam hall is to read all the questions in one go. If you encounter tough questions, this will make you more anxious. When reading a CTET question paper, never rush to read the question. Read carefully and try to understand what answers you need to give. It can take a little more time to read questions correctly, but this will help you give more detailed answers. Attempt all the questions, as there will be no negative marking.

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Don’t Get Stuck with Tricky Ones

Among the teaching sector recruitment exams, CTET is one of the tough exams. In every segment, there are a few tricky problems to test the presence of mind in the examination hall. So it's important not to get stuck with any tough question, it's actually time-consuming with these questions. Just move on to another topic if you feel lost, or else you will waste time and not be able to try others that are easier for you. It is really important.

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As per the exam pattern of CTET, there will be no negative marking. It gives students a chance to attempt all the questions. However, attempt the questions you know on priority. Try to avoid guesswork at the beginning of the examination. As per the exam pattern, 2 hours 30 minutes will be provided for each paper. So work accordingly.

Understand Time Policy

The examination authority is providing 3 hours for each paper in the CTET exam 2022. Use that time wisely and solve the easy and understandable questions on a priority basis. Candidates are advised to solve sample papers in the same time limit during their preparation. In the examination hall, this will benefit you. Manage the time in a way that gives you some additional time to analyse what you have tried and what corrections you might make.

Avoid Panic

This is the most important thing in the examination hall to keep in mind. One of the biggest errors that students make in the examination hall is that they start panicking if they don't know the answers. Don't do that. You're going to feel more depressed. Before and during the test, keeping yourself calm is important. If you sense fear or nervousness, drink water. This is going to help keep yourself calm. Believe in preparedness. Don't ask someone before the exam about the planning and questions. This will put you and others under stress as well.

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