AEEE Syllabus and Sample Papers 2021 - PDFs for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

AEEE Syllabus and Sample Papers 2021 - PDFs for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

AEEE Syllabus and Sample Papers 2021- Candidates appearing for the entrance test must be familiar with AEEE syllabus 2021 and sample papers. The syllabus of AEEE 2021 provides information about the topics and units from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from which questions will be asked during the AEEE.

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To prepare for the examination, it is equally important to solve sample papers of AEEE 2021 as it will help in enhancing the time management skills, accuracy and efficiency of the candidates. Therefore, to qualify AEEE 2021, it is important to know the AEEE syllabus 2021 and practice the sample papers. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has released the AEEE syllabus 2021 in online mode.

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AEEE 2021 Memory Based Questions: April 17 (Slot 1)

I. Physics:

1. Electromagnetic waves passed through,

a) Only ether

b) Vaccum

c) Only Air

d) Only Materials

2. If a light polarized by reflection, then what is the angle between the refractive and refraction?





3. Which of the following works based on pascal's law?

a) Hydraulic lift

b) Carnot machine

c) Screw Gauge

d) Vernier Caliper

4. Through a cylindrical conductor, a steady current passes, what will happen?

5. The error radius of the sphere is 4%, then what is the measurement of the volume?

II. Chemistry:

1. Which of the following is a nucleophile?

a) CH3OH


c) Co2

d) Ch3HO

2. The partial hydrolysis of XeF4 is?

a) XeOF2

b) XeF2

c) Xe3F

d) XeOF

3. Which of the following have more number of molecules in water?

a) 1.8g of water

b) 18g of water

c) 18 moles of water

d) 18 molecules of water

4. When Glucose reacts with a mild agent of bromide water, gives?

a) Bromic acid

b) Gluconic acid

c) Bulconic acid

d) Bromide

III. Mathematics:

1. If set A has 3 elements, then P(A) is?

a) 8

b) 2n

c) 4

d) 2

2. The sum of the first two terms of G.P is 30. The sum of infinity terms of G.P is 40. What is the common ratio?

3. If a fair coin is tossed five times, what is the probability of getting head in all tosses?

a) 1/32

b) 5/32

c) 7/27

d) 7/32

IV. English:

1. You should take ______ umbrella as it might rain.

a) no article

b) A

c) An

d) The

2. Synonyms: Begning

a) Kind

b) Cruel

c) Happy

d) Sad

3. Caesar was a Courageous of all ancient roman times. (Antonyms)

a) Tough

b) Fearless

c) Timid

d) Brave

AEEE Syllabus 2021

Getting acquainted with the syllabus of AEEE 2021 is important as it will enable candidates to know about the important topics and concepts of AEEE. Along with the syllabus, candidates can take the help of sample papers of AEEE 2021 to assist their preparations for the national level entrance test. Read on, to know in detail about AEEE syllabus 2021 and sample papers. Candidates can check the syllabus of AEEE from the tables given below:

AEEE 2021 Syllabus

Physics Syllabus Topics

Chemistry Syllabus Topics

Mathematics Syllabus Topics

Ray and Wave Optics

Equilibrium and Thermodynamics

Differential Calculus

Modern Physics

Electrochemistry and Kinetics

Integral Calculus

Solids and Fluids

Solid State and Solutions

Differential Equations

Units And Dimensions


Two Dimensional Geometry


S - Block Elements

The Straight Line and Pair of Straight Lines

Electrostatics, Current Electricity and Magnetostatics

P - Block Elements

Circles and Family of Circles

Electromagnetic Induction and Electromagnetic Waves

D, F - Block Elements

Conic Sections

Oscillations and Waves

Chemistry in Everyday Life

Vector Algebra

Heat and Thermodynamics

Gaseous State and Surface Chemistry

Three Dimensional Geometry

Basic Chemical Calculations

Complex Numbers

Co-Ordination Compounds

Permutations and Combinations

Basic Organic Chemistry and Techniques

Binomial Theorem

Hydrocarbons, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Sequences and Series

Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Matrices and Determinants

Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic Acids and Amines

Quadratic Equations

Polymers and Biomolecules


Environmental Chemistry

Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Periodicity


AEEE Sample Paper 2021

Solving sample papers of AEEE 2021 will help candidates to prepare in a more efficient manner for the entrance examination. Candidates can refer the below given tables and access the AEEE sample papers 2021 to practice and boost their preparation. The AEEE sample papers are prepared by using the official exam pattern and syllabus, therefore, it will act as a model question paper of the entrance test for the candidates.

By solving AEEE sample papers 2021, candidates can analyze their current preparation level. Also, it will enhance the time management skills. As AEEE 2021 is conducted in both pen and paper and computer-based mode, AEEE mock test 2021 is also released for candidates appear for the online exam.

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Advantages of AEEE 2021 Sample Paper and Syllabus

  • Knowing the AEEE syllabus 2021 will help to know about the topics and units that need to be studied for the entrance exam.

  • AEEE 2021 sample papers will allow the candidates to get familiar with the examination pattern before they attempt the actual entrance exam. This will provide an edge to the candidates since they will know the nature of the examination.

  • Solving sample papers, candidates will know their weak and strong points. By reviewing the mistakes while solving the AEEE sample papers 2021, candidates will be able to analyze their preparation level.

  • Time management can be practiced by the candidates while solving the sample papers within the allotted time.

  • Concepts and topics can be made clear using the AEEE 2021 sample paper.