BTech Vs HCL TechBee Programme: Eligibility, Admission process, Course Duration

BTech Vs HCL TechBee Programme: Eligibility, Admission process, Course Duration

Technology in today's world has become an integral part of our lives. With speedily changing times, technology too is evolving at an unparalleled pace to meet our needs and demands. In the world that we live in today IT is being used in almost every field. Due to this the demand of IT professionals has also increased and so has the availability of courses to cater to this. HCL TechBee programme is one such initiative. However, one big question that crops up is B.Tech vs HCL TechBee - which is better for a fast career growth, pros and cons etc.,

Before 2017 if a class 12th student wanted to become an IT professional and get a job in the top MNCs they needed to follow the traditional route of education i.e. pursuing a 3 to 4 years graduation programme. In today’s world, this no longer holds true.This however did not guarantee them a job on completion of the programme. But now HCL Technologies has launched a new initiative called HCL TechBee programme for class 12th passed students.

Candidates should go through the complete article to know the difference between traditional Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree and HCL TechBee programme on parameters like eligibility criteria, admission process, course duration, job guarantee, future prospects and more.

Overview B.Tech Vs HCL TechBee


HCL TechBee

Offered by many different institutions across the country

Offered by HCL Technologies in 8 cities

Undergraduate degree programme

Certification programme

Course duration 4 years

Duration of course 12 months

Completed 10+2 in PCM or PCB from a recognized institute/board

Completed class 12 with mathematics as a mandatory subject and 60% marks from a recognized institute/board

Fees Rs 1 to 5 lakhs per annum

Total fees Rs 1.18 lakhs

Stipend NIL

Stipend Rs 10,000 during training

No job guarantee

100% job guarantee

HCL TechBee Vs B.Tech Eligibility Criteria

The first and the foremost difference in the HCL TechBee Vs traditional Bachelor of Technology programme is in the eligibility criteria of the both programmes. There is no age limit specified to apply for these programmes. Entry to the B.Tech course can be gained in two ways one is through the normal route (in B.Tech first year) and the other through the lateral entry (in B.Tech second year). To know the complete academic qualification for HCL TechBee and B.Tech check the table below.

Eligibility criteria for HCL TechBee Vs B.Tech

HCL TechBee


Applicants must have passed class 12th with mathematics or business mathematics with 60% or more marks in both class 12 and the above mentioned subjects.

B.Tech 1st year admission - Applicant should have completed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM)

B.Tech 2nd year admission - Applicants should have done a three-year diploma course in any engineering stream from a recognised institute.

NOTE: There is no age limit criteria set for these two programmes.

HCL TechBee Vs B.Tech Admission Process

Admission to either of the programmes is gained through an entrance examination. To know more check the points mentioned below:

  • HCL TechBee admission process - HCL Technologies is the authority that organizes the entrance examination for the HCL TechBee programme at a national level. The entrance test is known as HCL CAT (Career Aptitude Test). In the test questions are asked from subjects like quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and language ability. Applicants who clear the HCL CAT entrance test are then called for a face to face or a virtual interview. The admission process HCL TechBee programme is carried out through the year i.e. applicants apply for the HCL CAT test any time and can appear for the same from the comfort of their home or by visiting the HCL CAT test centres as specified by the authorities.

  • B.Tech admission process - There are various entrance examinations for gaining admission to the B.Tech programme. The B.Tech entrance examinations can be divided into national level, state-level and institute level entrance examinations. Mostly in the B.Tech entrance tests questions are asked from subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry. Based on the performance in the above-mentioned B.Tech entrance test, candidates are selected and further screening processes, before finally gaining admission to the B.Tech. programme. Some of the national, state and institute level B.Tech entrance examinations are as follows: JEE Main, JEE Advance, WBJEE, MHT CET, BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, etc.

NOTE: Some institutions also offer direct admission to applicants wanting to pursue a Bachelor of Technology programme, even if they have not appeared for any entrance examination.

HCL TechBee Vs B.Tech Programme Fees & Duration

There is significant in the fees and duration of the HCL TechBee and B.Tech programme. As HCL TechBee programme is offered by HCL only the fees remains same for all candidates across the country, whereas this is not the case for B.Tech programme.

Programme Duration - The HCL TechBee programme is a 12 month course, in which the candidates are also given a stipend of Rs 10,000 during the internship. Whereas B.Tech is a 4 year programme for class 12th passed candidates and 3 year for candidates with a diploma in engineering. And there is no guarantee of a stipend during the internship period.

Programme Fees - The total fees of HCL TechBee programme is Rs 1.18 Lakhs (including taxes). This is the same for all the candidates across the country. While the B.Tech programme fees varings from Rs 1 to 5 Lakhs per annum depending on the institution one is studying in. Some financial assistance is also provided to candidates in both these programmes as per the norms.

HCL TechBee Vs B.Tech Job Prospects

Job opportunity is a major factor that candidates consider nowadays before pursuing any course. Candidates pursuing B.Tech from tier 2 and lower level institutions are not given any kind of assurances of placement while taking admission to the Bachelor of Technology programme. Whereas candidates pursuing HCL TechBee programme are given 100% placement guarantee on successful completion of the course i.e. they would be hired by HCL Technologies for the roles of IT Services or Associates, with a salary of Rs 1.70 to Rs 2.20 Lakhs.

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HCL TechBee Vs B.Tech Future Prospects

What are the future prospects of completion of the course? What would be the growth like after course? These are some of the major concerns that candidates have while selecting a programme. So to answer these questions on the lines of HCL TechBee and B.Tech Programme go through the points below:

  • HCL TechBee programme - It is offered in the field of IT only. Candidates who pursue HCL TechBee programme start earning on successful completion of the programme after 1 year i.e. HCL hires candidates as full time employees of HCL Technologies at entry level jobs in IT services. As the HCL TechBee programme offers focused learning, there is a need for general learning also. So for this HCL has tied up educational institutions like BITS Pilani, SASTRA University and Amity University to create a higher learning path for the candidates.

  • B.Tech programme - It is offered in number fields like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Computer, Bio Technology, etc. As no job guarantee is given during the commencement of the programme candidates might have to look for off campus jobs on competition of the programme in their respective fields. If they want to pursue higher studies candidates will have to appear for entrance exams again to get admission in good universities.

Now let's take an example: Say two friends who have passed class 12th together and both their ultimate goal is to get a job in an IT company. One opted for the HCL TechBee path, while the other opted for the traditional path of education first and job next. So, the person who joined the HCL TechBee programme was assured of a job as an employee of HCL Technologies on completing the 1 year programme. And by the time the second person passes out the first would have four years of work experience in an IT organization, his salary would have increased. Whereas the second person would have just passed out of college and would be looking for a job. Now let's pretend that the second person joins HCL Technologies as a fresher and is put in the same team as the first person. So there are chances that the first person might be their team lead as they already have 4 years of work experience and this gap is likely to continue.

So, candidates wanting to build a career in the field of IT can opt for the HCL TechBee programme due the short duration of course, nominal fees, assured job and more.

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