10 Common Silly Mistakes to Avoid in IIT JEE 2023 - Dos & Don'ts for JEE Main

10 Common Silly Mistakes to Avoid in IIT JEE 2023 - Dos & Don'ts for JEE Main

10 common silly mistakes to avoid in IIT JEE 2023 - For candidates preparing to appear for engineering after completing class 12, Joint Entrance Examination comes first in mind. JEE Mains is the first step followed by another milestone of JEE Advanced. During preparation, JEE Main and Advanced mistakes are common and candidates should take their lesson earlier. Because knowing the JEE Mains and Advanced do's & don'ts beforehand will save time and build confidence as well. In this article, candidates can find the 10 common silly mistakes to avoid in the IIT JEE Mains exam 2023.

10 common silly mistakes to avoid in IIT JEE Exam 2023

It is well known that JEE Main preparation is the most important phase for engineering students. The next important event that follows is the main examination. Both of them are crucial and there is no scope of haste in any. Thus, for candidates preparing for the exam, given below are the JEE Main & Advanced Common Mistakes and how to deal with them:

  1. Lack of Study Plan for IIT JEE 2023 - The first and foremost task for candidates preparing for Engineering entrance examination is to prepare a study plan for JEE Main. Those who aim higher targeting JEE Advanced need to recuperate their study hours and strategy accordingly so that they hit the bull’s eye in one shot. If one thinks that they can not follow a long term routine, they can take it step by step with one day at a time and make weekly plans thereby. This way, progress will be more obvious and candidates will not end up crashing over their time table.

  1. Not Knowing Official Syllabus - The National Testing Agency as well as the IITs conducting JEE Advanced, announces the syllabus on the official website according to which the question paper is set. Also, JEE Main exam pattern and also the JEE Advanced exam pattern are most important which many students skip. All they focus upon is to drown into books which is not a sensible practice.

  1. Practice Before Study - One of the 10 common silly mistakes to avoid in IIT JEE 2023 is to directly start with the question papers of JEE Main exam. It is like jumping towards the third stair while skipping the initial two. It enhances the chances of an unexpected fall. As per IIT JEE do's & don'ts, candidates should first know the concepts and then only go for self analysis.

  1. Losing Motivation - There are times when everyone loses their dedication and it is very much natural. But when you have a big task of JEE Main, more importantly to crack JEE Advanced. In such a case, losing motivation should not at all be the option. At such times, they can take a break and think of new ways on how to change the strategy so that they can enhance their concentration and bring better results at the same time.

  1. Dealing with Stress - Preparing and appearing for JEE Main exam 2023 is not a quick pick and the process is long and tiring. Even a totally determined candidate will at times be stressed out ending up making a lot of IIT JEE mistakes. The answer on how to avoid silly mistakes in JEE Mains is to retain your calm and find ways that keep you refreshed. It will depend upon what works best for you, be it music, sports, entertainment etc.

  1. Less Practice - There are students out there who think that being a bookworm is all you need in order to prepare for JEE Main and Advanced. They should know that testing self is the most important part of preparation. Practising JEE Main question papers will help them understand the common silly mistakes to avoid in IIT JEE 2023.

  1. Running after Certain Topics - Knowing the JEE Main weightage is important while preparing for the exam. Here, another example of JEE Main and Advanced common mistake which candidates make is putting a lot more focus upon topics that are asked often. In this way, they sometimes end up skipping various short topics which end up holding more weightage in the finals. Rather than regretting in the end, candidates should not skip but distribute their attention in a sensible manner.

  2. Confidence to Avoid Negative Marking - While attempting, it is better to be aware of common JEE Mains 2023 exam mistakes so that candidates do not lose marks to negative marking. If a candidate is doubtful with an answer, look for the possibility of other options and analyze. If they can not get any conclusion, just skip that part and move one with another question. Having confidence in their decision is the most important tool while attempting the exam.

  3. Not Understanding the Question - Another example of one of the 10 common silly mistakes to avoid in IIT JEE 2023 is being too hasty. Candidates should be calm all the time and not at all in a hurry while attempting JEE Main and Advanced exams 2023. They should first understand the essence of a question and then only proceed with attempting such a question so that there is no scope for IIT JEE mistakes.

  4. Lack of Concentration - While attempting JEE Main or JEE Advanced, the complete focus should be on the computer screen and the questions put forward, regardless of what is happening in the surroundings. So should be the case during preparation as well. Because lack of concentration often results in attempting JEE Main and Advanced common mistakes.

Candidates should note that the pointers explained above are not conclusive but much more can be added. Because a process that goes on for months can not be summed up in 10 common silly mistakes to avoid in IIT JEE 2023. However, they should take care of all of them so as to ace the engineering entrance examination.