GATE Score Predictor 2022 - Check Here

GATE Score Predictor 2022 - Check Here

Exam: GATE

GATE Score Predictor 2022 - Students appeared in the GATE exam and then become anxious regarding what the GATE 2022 results may bring. To end the anxiety of such students, Careers360 brings score predictor for GATE 2022 which will help the aspirants who appeared in the exam.

Latest Updates for GATE

  • 12 Nov 2021:

    GATE 2022 Admit Card To Be Released in January!

  • 29 Sep 2021:

    GATE registration 2022 extended till Septemer 30. Apply Now

  • 01 Aug 2021:

    GATE 2022 Notification released.

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The GATE 2022 score predictor can help them predict their scores on the basis of marks that they expect in GATE 2022. For using the score predictor of GATE, candidates will have to enter the basic details like the expected marks out of 100, the GATE exam slot in which they appeared, the candidate’s date of birth, etc.

How to use the score predictor for GATE 2022?

The article contains complete information on how to use the GATE score predictor 2022 and the link to the same as well. Candidates need to follow the steps below for using the GATE score predictor:

  • Click on the link to Careers360’s college predictor for GATE as provided below.

  • Register with Careers360 account if not already registered by entering the requisite details.

  • Candidates can also login using their Google or Facebook accounts.

  • Next, they will have to enter the following details:

  • Marks out of 100.

  • GATE paper code.

  • Application details (optional).

  • Candidate’s date of birth (optional).

  • Date of GATE 2022.

  • After entering all the details, candidates have to click on ‘Predict My Score’.

  • The screen that displays shall contain the score expected in GATE 2022.

To Use GATE Score Predictor Tool - Click Here

Why use the GATE score predictor?

There are candidates who do not understand the importance of using the GATE 2022 score predictor. For such candidates, the pointers below shall bring light to why it is useful to be used:

  • The authorities will announce the GATE result later and with the help of score predictor tool, candidates can know their probable scores.

  • In order to get reliable results, candidates are required to honestly enter all the details.

  • The results got after using the GATE 2022 score predictor shall be completely based on the expected marks out of 100 as entered by candidates.

  • Not only the probable score but candidates will also get to know the colleges where they might be eligible to take admission on the basis of GATE scores.

  • Along with this, the probability of PSU recruitment through GATE shall also be provided in the results of this tool.

Difference between GATE marks, score, ranks and percentile?

As all the four terms provided above are used in the GATE exam, most of the students get confused with the meaning of these. To break this knot of confusion, candidates may refer below for understanding all these terms:

GATE Marks - The marks secured by candidates in the examination out of the maximum score of 100 are marks obtained in GATE 2022. All the other terminologies used above are dependant upon the GATE marks only.

GATE Score - It is calculated with the help of the normalization process of GATE marks. It is synonymously used with the GATE percentile.

GATE Ranks - The All India Ranks (AIR) are secured by candidates based on their GATE scores only. It shall vary depending upon the category of candidates.

GATE Percentile - It is a relative term that depicts the performance of a candidate as compared to the other aspirants in GATE 2022.