How to attempt JEE Main 2023 and avoid negative marking

How to attempt JEE Main 2023 and avoid negative marking

How to attempt JEE Main and avoid negative marking? - The strategy with which a student attempts any examination plays a crucial role and if the exam is JEE Main, the importance of such tactics increase. Many aspirants look for a concrete answer to how they should attempt JEE Main so that they do not end up fetching negative marks which is the biggest fear for all the JEE Main aspirants.

The director of Allen Career institute, Mr Brajesh Maheshwari suggests students to complete the selective parts of the JEE Main questions which may also help them in qualifying the examination because attempting the whole of question paper is not at all mandatory. The solution to the query does not end here and the article below contains all the do’s and don’ts on how to attempt JEE Main and avoid negative marking to be referred and implemented by all.

Video on last minute preparation tips for JEE Main by Mr. Brajesh maheshwari (Director, Allen Career Institutes) - Click Here

How to attempt JEE Main?

According to Mr Maheshwari, the strategy of attempting the JEE Main question paper should be smart enough. One should always jump upon direct, easy and memory based questions whose single reading makes a clear picture of the solution in the candidate's brain. One should read the questions using the old practice of ‘stop, look and go’. Such easy questions should be attempted with patience having complete control so that the candidate does not get over excited and marks the incorrect option. Candidates should avoid expecting a certain concept to repeat in the questions and not lose their presence of mind. For questions where some sort of confusion remains and the exact answer is unknown, aspirants should apply the ‘option elimination theory’.

In addition to above, aspirants should always take up the JEE Main examination afresh regardless of how many attempts they might have given and how many previous year papers they have practised. They should taste it like the first time and then attempt the paper, the reason being that many times, students pre supposed that they will not be able to score well because they are not fully prepared or that they did not score well in the mocks. They should always have a positive attitude towards the JEE Main question paper . Not being able to answer two consecutive questions should not let that student think that he or she is not going to qualify.

Time Management for attempting JEE Main

JEE Main exam is conducted for a duration of 3 hours and a certain number of questions is asked in the exam. So the best strategy for attempting JEE Main is time management wherein, the whole time is divided for each question so that candidates do not devote more than the time allotted in that question. They should keep in mind that all the questions hold the same number of marks and thus, should mark the time consuming questions for the last minutes to be attempted if they still have some time.

How to avoid negative marking in JEE Main ?

Candidates should always focus upon getting the positive and make sure to not at all get marks. While practising questions for JEE Main, candidates should focus upon the silly mistakes that take place due to hurry or lack of concentration. They should also understand to deal with the questions, or better to avoid those which they are unable to understand. Also, one should not attempt memory based questions in a hurry but should go through the provided options and then click on the most appropriate one out of the options so available. The very formula to avoid negative marking in JEE Main is to analyze one's mistakes while practising with JEE Main mock tests so that they know what mistakes are repeating and why. As the Indian educational system is, students are made to focus upon what is the right answer, but exams like JEE Main are conducted to ensure who understands the concepts better with their open and focussed mind. That is why statements like ‘which of the following is incorrect’ rather than ‘which of the following is correct’ are introduced so as to create a sense of confusion and test the alertness and smartness of the aspirants. Those students who would read the question in a thorough and calm manner will not attempt any mistake in such questions.

How to attempt Physics questions in JEE Main?

Many students are too afraid of Physics and sometimes get nervous while dealing with the subject questions. As Mr. Maheshwari suggests, one should first carefully read and understand the question provided and get into the essence of what exactly is being asked. The words using which the question is framed in itself carries the solution and thus, all one has to do is frame a diagram in their mind as to what exactly is being asked.