How to Prepare for GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

How to Prepare for GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

How to Prepare for GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) - There is no doubt that GATE is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams but preparing with the right strategy can help you crack it. Since GATE preparation is the first and most important step, it has to be done in the right way.

There are many students who wish to study Electronics and Communication Engineering and hence plan to appear for the GATE exam. GATE being a big exam makes aspirants anxious and they start to search how to prepare for GATE ECE. Therefore, to curb the anxiety, CareersToday presents the ways to prepare for GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering from scratch. The preparation tips will help all the students who are interested in appearing for the GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) exam. Read the complete article to know more about how to prepare for GATE ECE.

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How to Prepare for GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)?

Candidates can check the GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) preparation tips to increase the chances of cracking the exam in one go. Most importantly, start your preparation as early as possible. Spending a good amount of time on each topic is important to boost the preparation. Therefore, aspirants are advised to go through GATE preparation tips for ECE and start preparing for the entrance exam as soon as possible.
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GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Preparation Tips

Candidates must check the below given points to know GATE tips for ECE. This will help them to understand how to prepare for GATE ECE 2023 exam.

  • Understand the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly

The first and the foremost step is to thoroughly understand the GATE 2023 syllabus. This will help you to know what are the topics that need to be covered to be fully prepared for the exam. Also, knowing GATE 2023 syllabus for Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) will help in strategizing the preparation plan. Along with the syllabus, students should also check the GATE 2023 exam pattern to understand the pattern in which the question paper is designed.

  • Prepare a time table

Having a proper schedule is important to ensure that nothing is left covered. Therefore, create a timetable having topics that should be covered everyday. Study of subjects and topics should be planned in such a manner that it does not feel monotonous.

  • Make flashcards or small notes

While studying any topic in detail, make small notes alongside having all the important concepts and formulas. These short notes will help you to revise the important concepts again without wasting much time in doing the entire topic again.

  • Solve mock tests and sample papers

Another point to remember is to practice as much as you can. Practice helps to analyse the preparation and dividing the topics as weak points and strong areas. All the aspirants must solve GATE 2023 mock tests.

  • Take small breaks

Giving hours to studies is important but at the same time, taking small small breaks in between is also important. A stressed mind will not let you concentrate and learn new topics.

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Previous Year Syllabus of GATE for Electronics and Communication Engineering

Since the authorities have not yet released the syllabus of GATE 2023 for Electronics and Communication Engineering, candidates should check the previous year’s syllabus for reference purposes. Understanding of syllabus could be highly beneficial in GATE preparation for ECE.

GATE Syllabus for Electronics and Communication Engineering



Topics to be Covered


Engineering Mathematics

  • Linear Algebra

  • Calculus

  • Differential Equations

  • Vector Analysis

  • Complex Analysis

  • Numerical Methods

  • Probability and Statistics


Networks, Signals and Systems

  • Network solution methods

  • Continuous-time signals


Electronic Devices

Energy bands in intrinsic and extrinsic silicon; Carrier transport current, drift current, mobility and resistivity; Generation and recombination of carriers; Poisson and continuity equations; P-N junction, Zener diode, BJT, MOS capacitor, MOSFET, LED etc.


Analog Circuits

Small signal equivalent circuits of diodes, BJTs and MOSFETs; Simple diode circuits: clipping, clamping and rectifiers; Single-stage BJT and MOSFET amplifiers: biasing, bias stability, mid-frequency small signal analysis etc.


Digital Circuits

Number systems; Combinatorial circuits: Boolean algebra, minimization of functions using Boolean identities and Karnaugh map, logic gates and their static CMOS implementations, arithmetic circuits, code converters, multiplexers, decoders and PLAs; Sequential circuits: latches and flip-flops etc.


Control Systems

Basic control system components; Feedback principle; Transfer function; Block diagram representation; Signal flow graph; Transient and steady-state analysis of LTI systems; Frequency response; Routh-Hurwitz and Nyquist stability criteria; Bode and root-locus plots; Lag, lead and lag-lead etc.



Random processes: auto-correlation and power spectral density, properties of white noise, filtering of random signals through LTI systems; Analog communications: amplitude modulation and demodulation, angle modulation and demodulation, spectra of AM and FM, superheterodyne receivers, circuits for analog communication etc.



Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations: differential and integral forms and their interpretation, boundary conditions, wave equation, Poynting vector; Plane waves and properties: reflection and refraction, polarization, phase and group velocity, propagation through various media, skin depth; Transmission lines: equations, characteristic impedance, impedance matching, impedance transformation etc.

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Recommended Books for GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering

Candidates can check the list of recommended books for GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering in the table given below. Books play an important factor while planning how to prepare for GATE 2023 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE).

Recommended Books for GATE ECE


Reference Books for ECE



General Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude by CAT by Arun Sharma,

Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal


Control System

Control Systems Engineering by Norma Nise

Control Systems by Nagarath and Gopal

NPTEL Video lectures by M. Gopal



Network Theory by Alexander Sadiku

Circuit Theory by A.Chakraborty

Network Analysis by Van Valkenburg


Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices and Circuits by Millman & Halkias,

Semiconductor Physics And Devices by Donald A. Neamen,

Solid state electronic devices by Ben G. Streetman and Sanjay Banerjee


Signal Systems

Digital Signal Processing by S.K Mitra, Modern digital and analog Communications system by BP Lathi, Signals & Systems By Alan V. Oppenheim


Analog Circuits

Analog Electronics, Electronics devices and circuits – Donald A Neaman,

Microelectronics Circuits by Sedra & Smith, Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Robert L Boylestad & Nashelsky, Pulse and Digital Electronics by Millman and Taub


Digital System

Digital Logic and Computer Design by M.Morris Mano, Digital circuits and design by Salivahanan or Fundamentals of digital systems by Anand kumar, Digital Electronic Principles and applications by Ronald J. Toccii, Pearson Publications



Elements of Electromagnetics by Matthew N.O. Sadiku

Network lines and fields by J.D ryder (Transmission lines part)

Electromagnetic waves and Radiating Systems by Jordon and ballmain

Antenna Theory by Balanis

NPTEL Lectures by Prof. R. Shevgaonkar


Communication System

Analog and Digital Communication System by Simon Haykin,

Principle of Communication System by Taub& Schillings,

Modern digital and analog Communications system by BP Lathi,

Electronic Communication Systems by Kennedy and Davis (just the Noise chapter)


MCQ book

Gate ECE by R.K Kanodia



Advanced Engineering Mathematics by R. K. Jain, S. R. K. Iyengar – Narosa Publications

Higher Engineering mathematics by Dr. B.S Grewal

GATE Qualifying Cutoff Marks for ECE