How to prepare for CLAT 2021 along with 12th board Exam - Do’s & Don'ts

How to prepare for CLAT 2021 along with 12th board Exam - Do’s & Don'ts

How to Prepare for CLAT 2021 along with 12th Board Exam - One dilemma faced by many candidates when they are in class 12 is to prepare for CLAT along with board exams. Many find the balancing act too difficult to handle so they end up making a compromise between the two. But this approach can be a bit dicey, because in many institutes the performance of both CLAT and 12th board exam are required. Further, many candidates don't want to have a resume that shows poor performance in class 12 exam. So, how does one prepare for CLAT 2021 and board exams successfully, so that one manages to get good results in both. In this article on How to prepare for CLAT 2021 along with 12th board exam” we bring you tips on how one can effectively prepare for the two exams.

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The national-level CLAT 2021 exam will be conducted on June 13, 2021. The pen-and-paper exam will be conducted for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate law courses offered by the 22 NLUs. The 2 hour long exam includes 150 (120 for PG) multiple choice questions.

How to Prepare for CLAT 2021 along with 12th Board Exam

When to Start Preparation for CLAT 2021

While every candidate has his or her own way of exam preparation, it is generally recommended that the candidate starts their preparation early. Typically one year or something about it is a good enough time to prepare for CLAT 2021. This way the candidates don’t have to compromise on their exam preparation for board exams.

Anand Kumar, who secured AIR 5 in CLAT 2020, says that “I started my preparation in the month of July 2019.” Now considering CLAT 2020 was held on September 28, he had more than 1 year to prepare for the exam.

If one has sufficient time in one’s hands then there is ample time to go over every topic. This will also mean that the candidate won’t have to choose between CLAT and board exams.

Exam Preparation Strategy

To improve one’s command over English, it is recommended to read newspapers. Anand says, “ I developed a habit of consuming more and more English by reading English newspapers like The Hindu and Indian Express. All my mentors advised me at the beginning itself for reading and understanding the editorial pages of The Hindu and it helped me in building my comprehending skills for tackling English section. And, it helped me in current affairs too because most of the significant topics were covered therein.”

Rather than Counting Study Hours, Focus on the Quality

It is a common tendency among many students to get fixated with how many hours they put in, but if the hours are not properly spent, it will not be of much use. So, one must not obsess with how many hours one has studied. Rather one must look to ensure that every hour counts.

Ishan Thakur, the CLAT 2020 - AIR 19, says, “Everyday is different. Some days I used to study the whole day and on other days just 4-5 hours; so it depends as studying for the same number of hours daily is a difficult task. But during the final days before the exam I gradually increased the time I used to give to my preparation.”

Take Break During Studies

Ishan also stressed on the importance of taking timely breaks during studies, “Taking short breaks is very important according to me as it rejuvenates you to study for long hours in a single go.”

How to Balance the Two Exams

Getting the balance right when preparing for two major exams is the key. It is because otherwise the candidate would be under constant stress.

It is recommended that the CLAT candidate complete all the topics by December and from January onwards start doing revision; here we are considering CLAT 2021 will be conducted in May. As for board exams, the candidate can start preparation from the moment classes commence. Regular study would help to keep stress and bay and also keep adding momentum and confidence, which can help the candidate get over the finishing line.

Quick Preparation Tips for CLAT 2021 and Board Exams

  1. Keep targets. This will help the candidate stay focused and stop from laxing. Also, having a target will add motivation.

  2. Take breaks during study. Also, don’t study for such long hours that you end up feeling exhausted. The study routine should be at least bearable, if not fun.

  3. Solve sample papers and take mock tests. The more CLAT sample papers you solve, the more efficient you will become at time management and solving problems. Also, your concepts will get clearer as you keep solving various sample sets. Mock tests meanwhile will help you test your exam readiness and remove any rustiness that may exist.

  4. Be conversant with the CLAT exam pattern, like what is the marking scheme, number of questions asked, etc.

Don’ts When Preparing for CLAT 2021 Exam

  1. Exa preparation doesn’t mean you have to be grim faced. In fact it is the opposite. Stay happy, eat healthy, sleep properly, and take proper exercise. Remember when you body is fresh, mind sharp, you can achieve more.

  2. Don’t spend prodigious time on topics that you find difficult. Rather take help.

  3. Don’t pile up your study with books. Rather take some time to get the collection right and stick to them.