How to Prepare for CLAT 2022 with Mock Test - Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare for CLAT 2022 with Mock Test - Tips & Tricks

Exam: CLAT

How to Prepare for CLAT 2022 with Mock Test - Acing the Common Law Admission Test requires a comprehensive preparation of all subjects along with the practice of CLAT mock tests. Under the new exam pattern, preparing CLAT 2022 with mock tests has become more important than ever before. CLAT 2022 is now a test of reading and analytical skills which can largely be developed by solving mock tests. Considering the vitality of solving mock tests, the candidates may have some questions vis-a-vis CLAT preparation with mock tests such as - How many mock tests should I solve for clearing CLAT exam 2022? Or what should I do after solving a mock test? How to evaluate my performance after attempting the CLAT mock test?. In order to prepare for CLAT 2022 with mock tests, one has to understand the importance of these tests. In this article, candidates will find a detailed answer to all questions related to how to prepare for CLAT 2022 with mock tests along with tips and tricks essential to ace the exam.LATEST - To attempt free online Careers360 CLAT mock test - Click hereTo download CLAT sample papers PDF - Click here

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Why should I solve CLAT 2022 mock tests?

In CLAT preparation, the phrase “practice makes a man perfect” can be correlated with mock tests. To understand the exam, you will need to solve as many CLAT mock tests as possible. Studying books, magazines, a newspaper is a job only half-done. Solving the CLAT mock test completes your preparation in its entirety. Solving mock tests fixes many loopholes in CLAT preparation. Some of the benefits that mock tests offer are discussed below.

  • The mock tests of CLAT provide an exam-like experience. Solving a mock test with a running timer will give you honest feedback on your preparation. You can learn many things by solving the mock tests including time management.

  • A mock test is a random chance - Who doesn’t like to get a second chance? But, in CLAT, you have only one chance in a year to crack the exam. The mock tests are like the random chances that you can take without thinking much about qualification. By solving a mock test, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them before going for the actual test.

  • Fix your rate of accuracy with CLAT mock tests - Answering questions in CLAT requires analysis of comprehensive passages. While answering the questions, you may think that a particular answer is correct which may not be the truth. CLAT mock tests allow you to fix the issues related to accuracy. This, in turn, helps you in reducing the scope of negative marking.

  • Solving CLAT mock tests helps you in making a strategy for the exam day. Many candidates would like to know about which section they should answer first or how they should approach the test. There cannot be a common answer for these types of questions that can be applied to all candidates. By preparing for CLAT with mock tests, you will get to know which section is easier for you or how much time you are spending in answering each section. Knowing these issues will help you in making the right strategy for the exam day.

  • There are many indirect benefits of solving CLAT mock tests. These include handling pressure during the exam, setting yourself in exam mode, processing your mind around the exam type atmosphere and others.

How many mock tests should a CLAT aspirant solve?

Rajneesh Singh, a law exam expert says, “CLAT aspirants must take as many online tests, mock tests and section tests as possible to improve speed and accuracy.” But, there has to be a limit. The number of mock tests should be enough to cover the CLAT syllabus. In general, most of the CLAT toppers of previous years were unanimous on solving a good number of mock tests. Shailja Beria, AIR-6, CLAT 2020 says, “I solved more than 50 mocks and CLAT sample papers throughout the preparation...Once I had solved most questions in each section I would go back to questions that were unattempted in the last twenty minutes”.

Similarly, Ishan Thakur, AIR-19, CLAT 2020 had solved over 70 mock tests while preparing for the examination.

How to prepare for CLAT with mock tests?

Now, when it comes to CLAT preparation with mock tests, candidates may divide their strategy into the following sections.

  • Attempt a CLAT mock test in exam-type conditions.

  • Calculate your marks

  • Evaluating performance

  • Fixing the loopholes

Attempting CLAT mock test

One should solve the CLAT mock tests from different sources to induce the aspect of diversity. You can start by solving one test daily and increase the frequency in the latter half of the preparation. Also, the candidate should try to attempt the test in an exam type atmosphere with a running timer. One should not take breaks during the mock test and complete the test within two hours.

Calculating marks

After the completion of the test, candidates should calculate the score using the marking scheme given in the CLAT exam pattern. Shailja Beria says she used to score between 100 and 120 in CLAT mocks on an average.Self-analysis of performance

One of the most important parts of CLAT preparation with mock tests will be evaluating the performance and fixing the loopholes. One should not dismiss the test and accept the marks. Rather, it is better to evaluate the section-wise performance. Self-analysis will help you in identifying your weaknesses. The weaknesses may be related to time management or not knowing the answers to some questions at all. The best part of CLAT preparation with mock tests is that you can cover the loopholes without being disqualified.It is advised that candidates should try to note down the issues one by one. And, cover them before the exam day.

Last week preparation tips for CLAT 2022 with mock test

Rajendra Khadav, Crack CLAT Tutorials Director, while discussing the role of mock tests in the last week of preparation, quipped, “During the last week of CLAT preparation, one should start taking at least three mock tests on a daily basis, which means by the time they appear for the national-level law entrance exam, they must have gone through 20-21 full-length mock tests.” He stresses, “These tests would help candidates improve their thinking and reacting capability in the stipulated time.”

In the last week of CLAT preparation, one should increase the frequency of solving mock tests and sample papers. It is advised to solve at least 2-3 mock tests every day. Along with solving mock tests, the last week's preparation should also include a regular revision of all important topics and brushing up the current affairs. However, we would also advise you not to overstress yourself if the performance is not as expected. In case you didn’t get a desirable score, then try to cover your loopholes without looking back and forth. Keep your cool and trust in your strengths. Revise the topics and do not read anything new.

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