Last Minute Preparation Tips To Ace CLAT 2021

Last Minute Preparation Tips To Ace CLAT 2021

Exam: CLAT

Last Minute Preparation Tips To Ace CLAT 2021 - As we are moving closer to the CLAT exam date, it is important for candidates to push their limits and boost preparation. Given the kind of competition CLAT sees, the last few months leading to the exam will indeed be a tough phase. In this phase, many candidates may give up on the pressure and anxiety which may result in a breakdown just before the CLAT exam date. Hence, the last minute preparation tips to ace the CLAT exam can be handy to avoid such a situation. Broadly speaking, the last few months leading to CLAT entrance exam 2021 should be given to solving the mock tests, revision and reading newspapers. In addition, there are some crucial elements of CLAT preparation that may help the candidates score good marks, these include bracing for CLAT 2021 exam day, analysing the performance in the mocks and quickly plugging the loopholes etc. In this article, we are trying to bring some last-minute preparation tips to ace CLAT 2021 and secure a good rank.

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Last Minutes Preparation Tips for CLAT 2021

We can divide the CLAT preparation for the last few months into two parts - Few months before the exam, and the last week leading to the exam day. Let’s dig a bit deeper and understand the proper method for CLAT preparation in the last few days.

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CLAT Preparation 2021 - Few Months Before Exam

This is the time when you can build your strengths for the exam day. We would advise you to take a pause and analyse your preparation. You may ask the following questions in your mind.

  • How much syllabus has been completed?

  • What are the topics that are frequently asked in the CLAT examination?

  • How many mock tests have been taken?

  • How much time do you have left?

Now, if you have answers to these questions, you will definitely know what needs to be done.

In an ideal situation, if the majority of the CLAT 2021 syllabus has been covered, then you are better placed than others. However, in such a situation, you will need to sharpen your skills and develop the right strategy for the exam day. Here are some tips that will help you in going forward to the CLAT exam day.

  • Revise the Topics

Getting satisfied after completing the syllabus is a big mistake. CLAT is unpredictable so the preparation cannot be over until success is in your hands. Thus, keep revising the subjects you have read and develop the conceptual understanding of CLAT important topics. Some of the important topics for CLAT 2021 are given below.

Important topics for CLAT 2021



CLAT UG important topics


Comprehension passage, antonyms - synonyms, Vocabulary, One-word substitution, idioms and phrases, error detection, sentence improvement, etc.

Elementary Maths

Number System, Area, Interest, roots, profit and loss, etc.

Legal aptitude and legal reasoning

Principle - facts based questions, legal maxims, analogies, logical sequences, etc.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Questions will be asked from current events, history, Economics, Polity, Environment etc.

Special focus should be given on legal aspects and legal events.

CLAT PG important topics

Constitutional Law

Indian constitution, bare acts and topics from DD Basu’s The Introduction of Constitution

Other Law Subjects

Questions will be asked from Jurisprudence, Contracts, Torts, Criminal law, international law, Jurisprudence and IPR.

  • Attempt Mock Tests and Solve Sample Papers

To check how well you have prepared for CLAT 2021, the mock tests will come in handy. Solve as many CLAT mock tests as you can. Solving mock tests will make you ready for the exam day. It will help you learn time management and improve your accuracy in answering the questions. Solving the CLAT sample papers will also help you identify their weak points. This exercise would give them an opportunity for course correction and thus prepare better.

  • Learn Time Management

The CLAT exam will test your reading and critical thinking skills and it will be tough to answer the comprehension based questions within the stipulated time. Last year, many candidates failed miserably on the CLAT exam day just because of the lack of time management skills. Solving mock tests in a stimulating environment can help you learn time management. However, due importance should be given to developing reading skills.

  • Stay Healthy

Imagine a situation where you need to complete the CLAT syllabus but due to bad health, you wasted a lot of time. Nobody would want to be in such a situation. Thus, staying healthy is important while preparing for CLAT 2021. Candidates should take a good healthy diet and also indulge in some physical activities in order to stay fit. Physical fitness will also help in putting the mind in a good shape and thus bringing mental health to you.

Last Minute Preparation Tips to Clear CLAT 2021

The Consortium of NLUs may conduct CLAT 2021 amid COVID-19. Thus, candidates should prepare themselves on two fronts - preparation for the exam and preparation for staying safe against the COVID-19 pandemic. So, here are some last-minute preparation tips for CLAT 2021.

Last-minute preparation tips to ace CLAT 2021

  • Revise all short notes before the examination.

  • Solve some sample papers in a timely manner the day before the exam. This would help you in gaining the right flow and momentum.

  • However, do not read anything new on the exam day as it may lead to confusion and chaos.

  • The questions will be based on the comprehension passage based. So, stay calm while reading the passages and answer questions only on the basis of information provided in the passage.

  • Negative marking may lower your CLAT score significantly so, avoid negative marking while attempting CLAT 2021.

  • Complete the test within time. Do not waste time dealing with questions that you are not sure about and keep the time factor in mind.

CLAT 2021 Exam Day Guidelines

  • On the exam day, report at the CLAT test centre at least 30 minutes before the exam time.

  • Carry CLAT 2021 admit card, a pen and a valid ID card to the centre.

  • Ensure COVID-19 related safety precautions. Wear a mask and keep a sanitiser for safety purposes.

  • Maintain social distancing at the test centre and follow the COVID-19 rules issued by the CLAT consortium.

  • Stay calm and put your best effort while attempting the test paper