Benefits of MBA In Rural Management

Benefits of MBA In Rural Management

Benefits of MBA In Rural Management - More than 50 percent of the Indian population reside in rural areas. Above 45 percent of the GDP is contributed by the agriculture sector. Hence, for Indian economy to be vigorous, the rural economy needs to grow. Major areas in rural India are still plagued by obstacles of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, malnourishment, lack of basic infrastructure, sanitation to name a few. Thus, for upliftment of rural India, many educational institutions have come up with MBA in Rural Management, MBA in Rural Development as well as MBA in AgriBusiness Management. Some of the B-Schools that provide MBA in rural Development are IRMA Anand, KIIT School of rural Management, Institute of Management Sciences, Lucknow, IIHMR University, Jaipur etc., MBA Specialization in rural Management involves the application of management practices and principles in the rural sector for its advancement. To make India a developed nation, there is a need to nurture professionals who can help in uplifting the rural face of India.

Benefits of MBA In Rural Management

We are aware that Indian cities have seen some or other kinds of developments but not rural India. Problems of rural areas have led youth to leave their homes and move to Urban areas for a better quality of life which could be compared to the brain drain. To abolish such movement practices, we need to exhilarate the rural economy as well. Candidates who have such desire opt for MBA in Rural Management, MBA in Rural Development as well as MBA in AgriBusiness Management. Some of the major advantages associated with studying MBA in rural Management are listed below -

  • Knowledge of Financial Assistance

  • Knowledge of Agricultural Methodologies

  • Understand Potential of Rural Market

  • Learn About Developmental Activities

Let us look at each point one by one to understand it in a better way -

Knowledge of Financial Assistance

During the course period, candidates pursuing MBA in Rural Management learn about rural Finance as well. rural Finance refers to the procurement and distribution of funds to rural people (farmers, rural dwellers and related people) to enable them to run and manage their social-cum-economic activities. NABARD and RRBs are the most important source of funding in rural areas. By studying MBA in rural Management candidates learn about -

  • How can they help rural people procure funds?

  • What will the cost of borrowing rural credit be?

  • Who will benefit from the funds procured?

  • What will be the major sources of funding?

  • Dependence of Informal sources

  • Importance of Microfinance Institutes of India for rural Health

Knowledge of Agricultural Methodologies

Technological advancement that has hit the urban areas positively can be applied to rural parts as well. By studying MBA in Rural Management, candidates can learn about advanced agro methodologies, new methods of cultivation, farming techniques etc., and implement the same in real life scenarios.

Candidates during their MBA in Rural Management programme gain practical learning along with theoretical knowledge and are allowed visits to rural areas, have empathy living with rural people to gain hands-on experience of working in a rural setup as well. Graduates having knowledge of new and emerging technologies can help rural India in providing valuable technical support be it in terms of accounting, auditing, training, or otherwise.

Understand Potential of Rural Market

The World Economy is hit by the Pandemic caused by COVID 19 and India is no exception to this. Hence, with recent motivation by PM Modi Ji, we need to promote local Indian products and services. Candidates studying MBA in Rural Management should be on the forefront line and help India sway its wings in positive directions.

Mobilizing the potential of Indian rural market could benefit India in terms of uplifting the GDP that is going down due to pandemic. Knowledge about the rural management provides a comprehensive learning on management and development of agriculture & food production techniques, vertical farming, green houses, roof-top farming technique. The same can be promoted in other markets be in Urban India or Foreign markets and add to the benefits of MBA in Rural Management.

Learn About Developmental Activities

One of the major benefits of MBA In Rural Management course is that candidates learn about various developmental activities. Post-COVID 19, the situation for people living in rural areas may not be the same. Candidates studying MBA in Rural Management can find out ways to help these rural people and provide them a platform to work and earn from their own villages/rural places. Moreover, the Indian government is also inviting youth with open arms to contribute their Rural Management skills in the development of the country. rural India has accelerated career prospects for the upcoming generation that need to be ignited. MBA in Rural Management can help candidates learn about creating, managing and development of rural activities or businesses for rural companies, development sector organisations. Major areas that need lookafter / attention in rural India are:

  • Availability of Credit

  • Public Health and Sanitation

  • Literacy

  • Poverty Eradication

  • Enforcement of Law and Order and much more!