CAT 2021 Exam Day Guidelines: 10 Dos and Don'ts for the Exam Day

CAT 2021 Exam Day Guidelines: 10 Dos and Don'ts for the Exam Day

CAT 2021 Exam Day Guidelines: 10 Dos and Don'ts - Feeling skeptical for CAT 2021? CAT MBA entrance exam will be conducted on November 28, 2021, and being baffled is common especially amongst students who are taking the CAT test for the first time. As a result on the CAT exam day, candidates tend to lose marks. It is imperative that candidates stay calm on exam day and have knowledge about what is to be done and what is not.In this article of CAT 2021 exam day instructions and 10 Dos and Don'ts for the exam day, Careers360 will help and guide candidates for the quick CAT 2021 exam day tips that are to be followed during the IIM Entrance Test. Read the complete article to take a look at the CAT 2021 exam day guidelines which need to be followed by the candidates while appearing for CAT. IIM Ahmedabad has conclusively advised the candidates to follow these CAT 2021 exam days' do’s & don’ts.Latest: Click here to check CAT 2021 exam day guidelines

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CAT 2021: Do's and Don'ts for the exam day

Check the timings

Candidates who appear for the exam must be aware of the timings for the CAT 2021 exam so that they do not miss anything. This is the foremost CAT 2021 exam day tip. In wake of the prevailing situation that is caused due to COVID 19, candidates will have to follow certain guidelines and are expected to reach the CAT test centre at a time before the commencement of the exam so that the authorities have adequate time to check their documents as well as the temperature.

CAT 2021 Exam Schedule

CAT Exam TimingActivitiesApproximate time for the activityRemarks
Shift 1Shift 2Shift 3
7:00 a.m11:00 a.m3:00 p.mArrive at Test center (candidate’s reporting time)-Gate closes 15 minutes before the test start time.
7.05 AM11.05 AM03.05 PMLocate your Test Lab number1-5 minutesThe candidate checks the location of the Exam Lab from the Barcode Desk.
7.10 AM11.10 AM03.10 PMScrutiny of admit card1-5 minutes.First scrutiny of the documents done at the Entry gate.
7.15 AM11.15 AM03.15 PMDeposit personal belongings (mobile phone, bag, etc.)1-10 minutes.Candidate deposit their personal belongings at the entry gate
7.25 AM11.25 AM03.25 PMFrisking of the candidates3-5 minutes.Assigned Security staff to frisk candidates.
7.30 AM11.30 AM03.30 PMDocument (id card and admit card) checking at the Test Lab entrance1-10 minutesDocument verification is done.
7.40 AM11.40 AM03.40 PMCandidates reach their Test Labs1-10 minutesCandidate reaches Exam Lab.
7.50 AM11.50 AM03.50 PMCandidates go to the registration desk and sign (manual) on the attendance sheet1-5 minutesCandidate signs Attendance Sheet available at the Registration Desk.
7.55 AM11.55 AM03.55 PMRegistration Process1-10 minutes.Candidate photograph and IRIS captured as per process.
8.05 AM12.05 PM04.05 PMCandidates check their photo in the registration terminal to ensure it is their photo1-5 minutes.Candidate verifies captured photo at the Registration Terminal.
8.10 AM12.10 PM04.10 PMThe candidate receives the scribble pad from the invigilator and sits at the terminal1-5 minutes.Candidate checks the allotted Console in the Exam Lab collects Writing Pad from the Invigilator
8.15 AM12.15 PM04.15 PMLogin to Test screen1-5 minutesThe candidate completes the first login.
8.20 AM12.20 PM04.20 PMVerify & confirm the profile information1-5 minutesCandidate verifies and confirms the profile Information, which he/she had filled during the CAT 2021 Registration.
8.25 AM12.25 PM04.25 PMRead & agree to Declaration1-5 minutesThe candidate reads all the instructions given for the Exam and clicks on “Accept”.
8.30 AM12.30 PM04.30 PMTest Starts120 minutesExam starts
10.30 AM02.30 PM06.30 PMTest concludes & candidate shares the feedback1-5 minutes.After 120 minutes. The exam gets over and the feedback page is displayed on the screen. The candidate shares his feedback.
10.35 AM02.35 PM06.35 PMReturn scribble pad1-5 minutes.The candidate returns the Writing pad to the Invigilator.
10.40 AM02.40 PM06.40 PMExit Test Lab and collect the deposited belongings1-5 minutes.The candidate exits the Exam Lab and collects belongings (if any)
10.45 AM02.45 PM06.45 PMExit the CAT 2021 Test centerThe candidate leaves the Test Center.

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CAT 2021 Exam Day Instructions - COVID-19 Guidelines to be Followed

Preparation at CAT exam center

  • Standard Operating Procedures for implementing safety precautions and for maintaining the required standard of hygiene are getting implemented by IIM Indore
  • As per GOI guidelines, Gap between two seats has been maintained
  • For the safety purpose of staff and candidates, hand sanitizers are available at entry and inside the exam venue
  • All processes are touch-free to ensure social distancing norms
  • To avoid crowding, candidates are requested to reach at the Reporting/Entry time
  • A fresh 3 Ply mask before entry was provided to all candidates

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Dress Code and Items to carry or not carry on CAT exam day

Know all the dos and don'ts of CAT 2021 exam day and things to carry or not carry to the CAT 2021 exam centre on November 28, 2021, Sunday.

What to Carry at the CAT Exam Centre?

  • CAT exam related documents such as duly filled admit card, ID card
  • A simple transparent ballpoint pen
  • Additional photograph (For attendance sheet)
  • Personal hand sanitizer (50 ml)
  • Personal transparent water bottle

List of Do's for CAT 2021 Exam Day

  • Carry Admit Card and Photo ID Proof

  • Self Declaration Form

  • Prior Visit To The Exam Centre of CAT 2021

  • Be On-Time

  • Check Seating Arrangements

  • Verification of Documents

  • Rough Work On Scratch Sheet

  • Obey The Invigilators

  • Use Washroom Beforehand

  • Submit Admit Card, Writing Pad

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Let us look at each point one by one to understand what all is mandatory and should be done by candidates on the day of CAT 2021:

Carry Admit Card and Valid Photo ID Proof

Important CAT 2021 exam day tip- Carry a hard copy of the CAT 2021 admit card. Note that candidates who will not carry the hall ticket of CAT in hard copy will not be allowed to enter the exam centre at any cost. A duly filled CAT 2021 exam admit card is a mandatory document. Test takers must ensure that signature and photograph printed on the admit card is legible. Candidates are requested to check the following information on their admit card beforehand:

  • Name of the candidate

  • PwD Status

  • Date and Day of Test

  • Registration Number

  • Reporting/ Entry time at Centre

  • Gate Closing Time of Centre

  • Test Center address

  • Test City

  • Time and Session of CAT 2021

As an important do's of CAT 2021, along with the CAT admit card 2021, candidates have to carry at least one photo ID as proof. Candidates must keep in mind that the photograph and signature provided on the ID proof should be clearly visible and not be smudged or damaged by any means. Candidates who have an (a) pacemaker or (b) implants (metal) or (c) other devices (s) for Medical reasons (s) has required to produce a medical certificate for the same. Any of the below-mentioned documents can be used by candidates as photo identity proof on exam day:

  • Passport

  • Voter ID Card

  • Aadhaar Card

  • PAN Card

  • Driving License

  • Employer ID Card

  • College ID Card

Note- No candidates were allowed inside the exam hall without an admit card, valid ID proof, and proper frisking. Frisking will be carried out without touching the body through Handheld Metal Detector (HHMD).

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Self Declaration Form

This is also one of the important CAT exam day tips regarding the self-declaration form. Self Declaration (Undertaking) form regarding COVID-19, has to be filled in by all candidates and presented to the authorities upon reaching the exam centre. The self-declaration form is made pre-available with the CAT admit card.

Be On-Time

As per the previous records, candidates are required to report to the exam centre one and a half hours prior to the exam. Time management is very important in CAT exam 2021 be it in reporting time or completing the questions accurately. The last entry stops 15 minutes before the exam time.

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CAT 2021 Slots and Reporting Time (will correctly be mentioned in admit card):


Time Slot

Last Entry Time

Reporting Time


8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

8:15 AM

7:00 AM


12:30 PM – 2:30 PM

12:15 PM

11:00 AM
Evening4:30 PM – 6:30 PM4:15 PM3:00 PM

Check Seating Arrangements In Advance

Once candidates reach the CAT 2021 exam center, the first thing they need to do is find their respective seats. Lab numbers will not be displayed outside the center to avoid any crowding at any one place in any situation. At the time of entry, bar code readers were available to scan the CAT admit card. Details pertaining to the hall/lab number will be informed to candidates at the same time.

Verification of Documents

After getting inside the exam center, an important CAT 2021 exam day tip is that the candidates must get their documents verified. This is an important process because it is only after the verification of the documents that candidates will be allowed to proceed to their respective exam labs to take up the test. Candidates are required to paste passport size photographs and sign on the Attendance sheet.

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Rough Work On Scratch Sheet

Upon reaching the exam lab, candidates will be provided with five rough sheets to do the calculation work. Candidates will not be allowed to leave before the total duration of two hours is complete. Candidates who solve the questions on the desk/hand/anywhere else are subject to be punished. Do your rough work only on the sheets provided by the invigilator. It is directed by the invigilator that candidates should write their names and registration ID on the rough sheets.

Obey The Invigilators

The examiner who is there to assist candidates before, during, and post CAT 2021 is the invigilator. Candidates will have to follow his instructions if they do not wish their candidature to be canceled. In case of any issues like finding a seat, while logging in, any hamper during the exam, submit issues, etc., candidates can ask for the help of the invigilator. If you have any issues, ask for clarity. Social distancing norms must be followed by candidates.

Use Washroom Beforehand

Since time management is an important aspect, candidates are requested to carefully plan everything prior to the exam time. If candidates are feeling uneasy due to sensitivity/exam day pressure, they are advised to use the washroom before the exam starts. As CAT is considered to be the toughest of all MBA entrance exams, candidates are not allowed to use the washroom during the exam duration.

Submit Admit Card, Writing Pad

On completion of the CAT exam 2021, the candidates are advised to follow this CAT 2021 tip- candidates must move out in an orderly manner, one candidate at a time. While leaving the exam lab/hall, candidates will have to submit the rough sheets provided by the invigilator along with the hard copy of the admit card for security reasons. Candidates not abiding by the rules may face severe consequences.

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Note - Test Day Exception Forms - In case any exceptional situation arises on the day of CAT 2021, candidates would be required to sign an Exception Form.

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List of Don'ts for CAT 2021 Exam Day

  • Say Bye to Personal Belonging

  • Do Not Sign Admit Card Beforehand

  • No Unfair Practices

  • Seat Change Request

  • No Bio-Breaks

  • Do Not Peek Into Fellow Test Taker’s Screen

  • Do Not Apply Mehndi/Henna

  • Don’t Wear Restricted Items

  • Do Not Waste Rough Sheets

  • No Companion Allowed

Let us look at each point one by one to understand what all is mandatory and should be not be done by candidates on the day of CAT 2021:

Say Bye to Personal Belonging

To ensure proper safety measures, no candidate should keep any personal belongings with him/her. Personal belongings refer to the followings items:

  • Mobile phone

  • Watch

  • Bag/wallet

  • Electronic Gadgets

  • Stationery items

Do Not Sign Admit Card Beforehand

One of the important CAT 2021 exam day tips is not to sign the admit card of CAT without the presence of an invigilator. Sometimes candidates don’t read the instructions and make the mistake of signing the admit cards beforehand. Note that, it is strictly required that candidates have to sign on the CAT 2021 admit card in presence of the invigilator only. Any candidate’s admit card which is signed prior to the entry would be considered invalid. Also, candidates must ensure that the signature done by them matches the printed signature i.e. the one they have uploaded at the time of registration.

No Unfair Practices

In CAT 2021 no candidate should use unfair practices to crack the test and get good results. Carrying short notes, writing on hands with pen/henna, or any such means are strictly prohibited by IIM Ahmedabad. Any candidate found guilty will not be allowed to carry forward with the test and their candidature would be canceled immediately.

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Seat Change Request

In no case, seat change requests made by candidates were entertained at the end moment. Candidates were required to sit only on the seat allotted to them. The gap between the 2 seats was maintained as per GOI guidelines related to COVID 19. Before each shift starts seating area was thoroughly sanitized - monitor, keyboard, mouse, webcam, desk, and chair.

No Bio-Breaks

Any request related to bio-breaks while inside the exam lab will not be entertained by the invigilators. Unless it is a medical emergency and candidates have no option left. Those suffering from diabetes or any other ailment must carry a medical certificate and produce it to the invigilator if any need arises.

Do Not Peek Into Fellow Test Taker’s Screen

No candidate should look or should be interested in what other/fellow candidates are doing. Keep your posture straight and look only at the computer screen provided. Do not peek into what others are doing or which answers they are marking. In case of any confusion/doubt, candidates should only clarify those doubts from the invigilators or test centre officials.

Do Not Apply Mehndi/Henna

This instruction is especially important for female candidates. Usually in CAT candidates have to do biometric and in case mehndi/henna is applied on hand it may create issues in completing the biometric process.

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Don’t Wear Restricted Items

A complete list of items that are restricted/prohibited for candidates to carry/wear in CAT will be soon released by IIM Ahmedabad. Candidates must not wear jackets, jewelry, watch, electronic gadgets, shoes. If candidates are wearing or carrying any of these items, you will have to deposit them at the entrance gate. The responsibility of any loss will not be taken up by IIM Indore.

Do Not Waste Rough Sheets

Before starting the exam, the invigilator will provide a writing pad to the candidates which have to be submitted back once the exam is over.

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No Companion Allowed

Until and unless a candidate is a PhD candidate and has asked for a scribe, no friends/companions/relatives accompanying you were allowed to enter beyond the gates of the test centre.

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