CAT Score Vs Percentile 2023: Calculate IIM CAT Marks in Percentile

CAT score vs percentile gives the candidates an idea of the CAT percentile they can get based on their CAT score. Last year, CAT score of 74 to 86 fetches a 99+ CAT percentile. IIMs and top colleges accept CAT percentile of 95–99+ for MBA admission. Candidates who are going to take CAT exam on November 24, 2024, will check the CAT results and match their CAT score vs percentile 2024. Also check the CAT score and percentile calculation, the difference between CAT score and CAT percentile, percentile calculator for CAT, and much more on this page.

CAT Score vs Percentile 2024

In order to understand CAT score vs percentile better, one must know all the important parameters around it. By doing this, one will get to know “how to calculate the CAT score and CAT percentile?” and they can clear up the confusion of CAT marks vs percentile 2024.

  • The CAT 2024 question paper will have a total of 66 questions from VARC (22), Quantitative Ability (24), and LRDI (20), for a total score of 198.
  • For every correct response, three marks are allotted and for every incorrect answer, one mark is deducted. There is no negative marking for unattempted/ unansweres and non-MCQs (TITA)
  • CAT percentile is a related score that shows the percentage of candidates who are behind you
  • The CAT score vs percentile data outlines what CAT marks can fetch you and what percentile

CAT 2024 Marks vs Percentile - Expected

As per experts, the difficulty level of CAT 2024 will be moderate to difficult. Here we have provided the CAT 2024 expected score vs percentile on the basis of CAT cutoff marks vs percentile on the basis of the past few years' trends.

PercentileScore VARCScore DILRScore QAOverall Score

CAT 2024: Section-wise Questions Distribution and Marks

Section nameNumber of questionsTime allotted (In minutes)Marks (+3 for the correct answer and -1 for every incorrect answer)
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)244072
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)204060
Quantitative Aptitude (QA)224066

CAT 2024 Score Vs Percentile (Section-wise)

For those who are aiming to get an MBA seat in IIMs or any other top B-schools, maintaining an accuracy rate of 90 percent is a must. For example, if a candidate attempts 12 questions from the CAT QA section, then it is a must to correctly answer at least 10 to 11 CAT questions. Section-wise number of good attempts with an accuracy rate of 90 percent to secure 90 to 99+ percentile in CAT 2024 are as follows:

CAT PercentileVARCDILRQuant

CAT 2024 vs CAT 2023 vs CAT 2022 Score vs Percentile: Comparative Analysis

Check out the comparative analysis of the past three years' CAT score vs percentile. By checking this candidates can get aware how much they need to secure CAT scaled score to estimate their CAT percentile.


Expected CAT Scaled Score (2024)

CAT Scaled Score (2023)

CAT Scaled Score (2022)





















































CAT Total Marks vs Percentile 2023 and 2022 (Previous year)

In comparison to CAT 2022, last year's CAT entrance exam was quite easy. Here we have provided the last 2 years' CAT score and percentile. By checking last two years CAT score vs percentile will help candidates estimate the current year's CAT marks vs percentile.

CAT PercentileCAT 2023 Score vs PercentileCAT Score vs Percentile 2022

Determinants of CAT Score vs Percentile Calculation

The CAT score vs percentile analysis will be done on the basis of these elements. Check below to know how the CAT cutoff score vs percentile is calculated.

CAT Raw Score

CAT raw score is the score that the candidates get after implementing the CAT marking scheme. The CAT raw score can also be calculated by using the CAT response sheet and answer key.

How to calculate CAT score

To calculate the CAT score, candidates can follow the below-mentioned process:

  • For MCQs: CAT Raw Score -3 x (Number of correct answers) – 1 x (number of wrong answers)
  • For Non-MCQs: CAT Raw Score- 3 x (Number of correct answers)
  • Final Raw Score: CAT raw score for MCQ+ CAT raw score for non-MCQ


Questions Answered

Correct Answers

Wrong Answers

Marks for Correct Answers

Marks for Wrong Answers

CAT Score





40*3= 120

26*1= 26

120-26= 94





50*3= 150

4*1= 4

150-4= 146

Note that due to negative marking wrong attempts will lead to a deduction of marks from the total.

CAT scaled score

What is CAT scaled score- CAT is a computer-based test that is conducted each year on a rotational basis by IIMs for providing admissions to the MBA and other managerial programmes at the IIMs in India and other B-schools. CAT 2024 will be held in three sessions, which means the normalisation process will take place. Scores after normalization are called scaled score in CAT. The percentile of candidates is calculated based on the scaled CAT score.

To sum up, the scaled score in CAT is the sum total of the marks obtained by a candidate after the normalization in all three sections namely Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA).

CAT Percentile

What is CAT percentile- A CAT percentile is a measure that indicates the percentage of candidates below a candidate in the merit list. For example, if a candidate secures a position at the 90 percentile refers that about 90 percent of candidates competing with that candidate in the test have scored less than him/her. In other words, the CAT percentile is a measure of categorizing candidates based on their performance.

Hence, test takers who secured 90 percentile or above in CAT refer to the top 10 percent of the candidates on the merit list. The percentile secured according to marks obtained is only an indication of the candidate’s position. However, this does not tell the exact marks scored on the test.

How is CAT score converted to CAT percentile?

The conversion of the CAT score to the percentile involves three stages. Firstly, the CAT raw score is calculated on the basis of candidates' performance. After that, the CAT raw score is normalized to get the candidate's scaled score, and then the scaled score determines the CAT percentile. The CAT scorecard does not show the raw score; it only mentions the CAT scaled score and percentile for each section, along with the overall CAT score.

  1. CAT raw score- The CAT raw score is calculated manually through individual CAT response sheets, which are released along with the CAT official answer key.
  2. Conversion of raw score to CAT scaled score- As there are 3 slots in the CAT exam, the difficulty level of all of the CAT slots might be different. Because of this, the CAT raw score undergoes a normalization process to determine the CAT scaled score.
  3. Conversion of scaled score to CAT percentile- The CAT scaled score of the candidates will be determined to provide relative data as to how ahead a particular CAT aspirant is as compared to other test takers.

How is CAT percentile calculated

The percentile in CAT 2024 will be calculated on the basis of the scaled score of each section from which questions will be asked as well as the overall scaled score. CAT result 2024 cum CAT scorecard is out that will indicate sectional as well as the overall scaled score and the CAT percentile of candidates.

Now let us take an example and understand how is CAT percentile is calculated. Here the VARC section is just taken as an example with regard to the calculation of percentile.

Step 1: The first step is calculating the total number of candidates (N) who are likely to appear for the IIM Entrance Exam, in both sessions i.e. in the forenoon and afternoon session.

Step 2: Allot Rank (r) on the basis of the scaled score obtained in the VARC section to all the candidates who appeared in CAT. If two or more candidates score the same marks in the section, then assign identical ranks to the candidates.

Step 3: Calculate the percentile score (P) of a candidate with rank (r) in the VARC section as:

Step 4: Now, round off the calculated percentile score (P) of a candidate up to two decimal points only. For example, all percentile scores greater than or equal to 89.995 are rounded off to 90

Follow the same methodology for computing the overall CAT percentile scores and for percentile scores of other sections.

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CAT percentile predictor 2024

Apart from above mentioned CAT percentile calculation method, candidates can calculate their CAT percentile by using a predictor tool. The accuracy of the CAT 2024 percentile predictor depends on the details provided by the CAT aspirant. While analyzing the CAT percentile, the tool considers the difficulty level of the CAT exam slot, expert analysis, and student feedback to predict the CAT 2024 percentile.

Candidates can use the CAT percentile predictor free tool introduced by Careers360 which is easy to use and one will get to know their MBA admission chances in IIMs or other top B-schools.

Use CAT percentile predictor tool by Careers360

How to use CAT percentile predictor 2024?

Careers360's CAT score calculator is easy to use. Follow the provided steps:

  • Open the Careers360's CAT percentile predictor tool link
  • Enter the required CAT exam details such as
    • Expected CAT score
    • VARC, DILR, and QA score (optional)
    • CAT registration number (optional)
    • Date of birth (optional)
    • Mobile number
  • After entering the required details, click on the 'Predict My Percentile' tab
  • The CAT result prediction report will be sent to candidates' registered mobile number

Browse Top MBA Colleges Accepting CAT Score: Location-Wise

MBA College in Delhi Accepting CAT ScoreMBA College in Delhi NCR Accepting CAT Score
MBA College in Bangalore Accepting CAT ScoreMBA College in Mumbai Accepting CAT Score
MBA College in Pune Accepting CAT ScoreMBA College in Hyderabad Accepting CAT Score
MBA College in Chennai Accepting CAT ScoreMBA College in Ahmedabad Accepting CAT Score
MBA College in Kolkata Accepting CAT Score
MBA College in India Accepting CAT Score

CAT Composite Score Calculation

CAT composite scores of each candidate are calculated on the basis of the following parameters.

  • CAT score (scaled)
  • Class 10 marks
  • Class 12 marks
  • Graduation score
  • Work experience
  • Gender diversity
  • Academic diversity

Here is the formula for calculating the CAT composite score.

For more details, check out IIM Admission Criteria

Top MBA Colleges in India Accepting CAT Percentile

Over 1000 MBA colleges in India are accepting the CAT 2024 percentile for MBA admission. Among the top CAT-accepting colleges are 21 IIMs and other top CAT MBA colleges in a non-IIM category, including MDI Gurgaon, FMS Delhi, SJSoM IIT Mumbai, SPJIMR Mumbai, DoMS IIT Delhi and from this year IIFT has also announced to accept CAT score for the MBA (IB) admission.

IIMs and Other top B-Schools in IndiaRange of CAT 2024 cut off percentile
IIM Bangalore94 to 97
IIM Indore91 to 93
IIM Ahmedabad95 to 98
IIM Calcutta97 to 98
IIM Kozhikode93 to 95
IIM Lucknow93 to 96
IIM Bodhgaya85 to 88
IIM Jammu84 to 87
IIM Sirmaur80 to 85
IIM Sambalpur80 to 85
MDI Gurgaon94 to 95
FMS, New Delhi97 to 98
JBIMS Mumbai95 to 97
SPJIMR90 to 95
IIT Bombay, Mumbai90 to 94
IIT New Delhi90 to 93
LBSIM New Delhi80 to 85
Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) Chennai80 to 85

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List of Colleges Accepting CAT Cutoffs 2024

List of MBA Colleges Accepting 80-90 Percentile in CATList of MBA Colleges Accepting 70-80 Percentile in CAT
List of MBA Colleges Accepting 60-70 Percentile in CAT

List of MBA Colleges Accepting 90 to 100 Percentile in CAT

CAT Score vs Percentile: Key Difference

Check out the key difference between CAT score vs percentile.

ParticularsCAT ScoreCAT Percentile
CalculationCumulative score of candidate obtained in all three sectionsPercentage of candidates who secured less than you
UseUse to determine the percentile of the candidateUsed for final call and in MBA admission process

CAT Result 2024

Candidates will be able to download their CAT scorecard in online mode in the first week of January 2025. Students can check the same by using the required CAT login credentials such as CAT ID and Password. Prior to the declaration of the CAT result, IIM Lucknow will also released the CAT answer key in the form of an individual response sheet.

Check out for more details:

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