CAT 2023 Tricks for Quant, DI & LR, VRC by 99 Percentilers

CAT 2023 Tricks for Quant, DI & LR, VRC by 99 Percentilers - Common Management Test (CAT) is the national level entrance exam that is held to test the aptitude of candidates for management programmes. CAT is a hard nut to crack but quite possible if the perfect strategy is followed. With proven tricks and tricks given herein, candidates can ace this most difficult MBA entrance exam in India. Here are some of the tricks and tips for each section and that were followed by CAT past toppers.

CAT Exam Tips and tricks for Quantitative Aptitude section

The quant is often the most challenging section for the CAT aspirants. Also this section has the most number of questions. So it is important for candidates to prepare for the Quant well. Let us see what past toppers have to say about acing this section. Soumyajeet Ghosh, a CAT 2018 topper puts emphasis on practice. He says, this requires a lot of consistent practice. Speed is very important for it, and candidates can improve their speed by practicing more and more. One should adopt all small and simple tactics to increase his practice and reduce his errors.”

Rahul Gupta, another topper, says, "I was not good at Quant. But practicing with CAT mock test I eventually got better in and had a strong grasp on this section. And I scored better in this section."

Shikhar Mathur, 99.68 percentiler, says – one should note down the weak areas in each topic (say it’s Permutations and Combinations, or DI) after two to three tests. Pinpoint the errors made and also what kind of errors they were. Sometimes, many errors in the same topic are because of a pre-held mental fallacy that will be cleared after one reading, but sometimes it’s a conceptual roadblock. Aspirants should make sure they note down where and why they are going wrong. He further suggests, plugging in the values given in the option of the questions, increases the probability of a question getting correct but this trick only applies to the questions in which it is possible to get the answers by putting in the values.

Ankit Desai got 99.91 percentile in CAT 2019, he shared his experience to handle the Quant section, Ankit says: "I was weak in Geometry and Numbers. So, first I revised all the formulas and wrote them down. After that, I solved around 50 questions more on these topics to understand the concepts better."

Candidates can utilise these Quant preparation tips for CAT 2023 exam and achieve the aim of scoring well in this section.

Most Important MCQs for CAT Quant Syllabus 2023

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CAT HCF and LCM of two or more numbers - Practice Questions & MCQ

CAT HCF and LCM of fractions - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Suggest Books for Quant and DI & LR by Experts

Book Name

Author/ Publisher Name

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

Gautam Puri

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT

Nishit K. Sinha

How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT

Arun Sharma

Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

Ananta Ashisha

CAT Exam Tips and tricks for DI & LR section by 99 percentilers

The Data Interpretation (DI) and Logical Reasoning (LR) section in the CAT exam is there to test your decision–making ability within the given time. To ace this section, 99 percentiler Kumar advises, “you must bound your time for solving the questions of this section, I did not give more than 8 minutes to any puzzle questions irrespective of the fact that I got stuck in some questions that seemed to be easier. So one should adopt this as one of the tips that s/he not is allowed to spend much time on a particular question whether it is easy, moderate, or difficult instead, they should spend some minutes at the starting of the test to categorize the questions as easy, moderate and difficult.

In common, all the 99 percentilers suggest that aspirants should spend most of their time on the analysis of mock tests as it will lead them to land up at any management school of their choice.

CAT 2019, 100 Percentiler Rahul Gupta shares his DI & LR preparation strategy, he quoted - I used to practice many questions from particular topics and focused a lot on them while taking the mock test.
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CAT Exam Tips and tricks for VARC section

The VARC sections may prove to be the easiest section to improvise the sectional and overall score, says CAT 2017 topper, Madhur Gupta. Further, while sharing his preparation strategy, he says – “this was not the area I was good at and consequentially, I landed up at a conundrum about how I should deal with this section. Then I decided to look for some simple tactics to ace this section. I adopted the strategy of eliminating the wrong options to help me decide on the right one. This helped me later.”

99 percentiler in CAT 2016, Naman Singhal while sharing his preparation tips, stated that he solved RCs and Para jumbles as much as he could during his preparation for CAT 2016 and used them to analyse the VARC section after taking mock tests. He used to practice the questions of Verbal Ability (VA) and Reading Comprehensions from the modules of different coaching institutions.

Topper Mayank Raj, while sharing his strategy says, - “I faced major challenges in this section. So, to improve my verbal ability, I started reading newspapers, novels, etc. This helped me increase my reading speed and also in developing an understanding of the passages I was reading”.

CAT 2019 topper, Lakshya Kumar shares his experience of VARC section with us, quoted “My approach was building up my reading speed and that was achieved by reading newspaper daily as it contains an article from various fields of life ranging from psychology to biology which is similar to the Reading Comprehension section of CAT. The verbal ability section was a tough nut to crack for me but thinking about the question from an examiner's perspective and allocating it a greater percentage of time during the actual exam (feasible due to fast reading pace) did help me a lot.

Recommended Books for VARC section for CAT 2023

Book Name

Author/ Publisher Name

How to prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT

Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay/ Arihant

30 Days to a more powerful vocabulary mass market paperback

Wilfred Funk & Norman Lewis/ Simon & Schuster

PSC for VA for CAT

Nishit Sinha

How to prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT

Sharma and Upadhyay

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