How to Prepare for CAT 2022 While Working?

How to Prepare for CAT 2022 While Working?

How to Prepare for CAT 2022 While Working? - CAT is one of the top MBA entrance exams conducted for admission to MBA programme. Candidates looking for admission in one of IIMs or any of top B-schools should take the CAT exam 2022. CAT 2022 will be held on November 27 in online mode at various centres in 150 cities across the country. Cracking the CAT exam is not a child's play, it requires consistency, hard work, and perseverance along with the right study plan. With these, even a working professional can ace this entrance exam, and all that with a significantly high score.

How to prepare for CAT 2022

There is no fixed rules or strategy for acing the CAT exam. It is not necessary that the strategy or plan that worked for others will work for you as well. Every student planning to take the CAT exam should have their own unique strategy made to suit them best.

Preparing for CAT has no shortcut; start preparing in advance along with the right strategy is the only mantra to succeeding in this toughest management entrance exam in India. Getting high scores in common management admission test not only increase your chance of getting shortlisted for admission in top IIMs as well as other premium B-schools. To appear for the CAT 2022, students need to fill out the CAT application form on or before the last date and pay the fee. Last date for CAT 2022 registration is September 14.

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In this article related to CAT, CareersToday has curated a list of practical and tested tips followed by previous toppers to help students ace the exam with above 99+ percentile.

Is it feasible to crack CAT with job?

The toppers in the previous cat exams as well as experts say that CAT is a more of IQ based exam than knowledge based. It does not matter how much one does study. What matters is how they study, their strategy, plan for CAT preparation. Anyone with right strategy can achieve the score above the average even without a full time preparation.

Below-mentioned is the few most important tips for CAT preparation for working professionals planning to appear for CAT 2022. The preparation strategy of CAT can be used by candidates to prepare for other B-School entrance exams as well.

How to prepare for CAT 2022: tips for working professionals

  • Utilize Your Free Time

  • Get Professional Guidance

  • Have Self-confidence

  • Follow Fix Schedule

  • Get the Right Preparation Material

Let us look at each of the tips for CAT preparation for working professionals to have a better understanding and insights on how to prepare for CAT 2022 while working:

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Utilize Your Free Time

  • One of the best quotes for working professionals with regard to CAT 2022 preparation is “Start from wherever you are, do whatever you can, and use whatever you have.” Never say that you do not have time for preparation

  • Put your mind straight onto something and it will surely give results. No doubt that balancing the preparation of CAT 2022 for working professionals with a nine-hour job is a tedious task. But, a pinch of planning and preparation can definitely help in CAT preparation for working professionals to the goal of taking admission in one of the 20 IIMs of India

  • If getting to work takes a lot of time, try making short notes and read them while commuting in order to cut down additional free time

  • Working professionals, if they are comfortable can even subscribe online video tutorials and prepare by actively listening to them while either traveling to the office or during their free office hours or whatever free time they get during the day

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Get Professional Guidance

  • During weekends working professionals can also join from online webspace whereby new methods of solving questions are taught by the professional and experts

  • Getting the understanding of the CAT 2022 syllabus is one of the best ways for CAT preparation for working professionals as it helps to figure out the topics need to be given more time and energy

  • Solving previous years question papers of CAT would be more beneficial to working candidates who wish to secure a better score in less time

  • The Mock test of CAT will also assure good results if taken up attentively. Professional guidance from experts can help in CAT preparation for working professionals to save time and know different/easy ways of solving questions

  • Connect with other CAT candidates, raise your queries and ask more questions, share your insights & enhance the knowledge base related to CAT 2022 syllabus

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Have Self-confidence

  • As confidence is the key factor in CAT preparation for working professionals, such candidates are advised to stay motivated to boost up your confidence and make your move accordingly. Remember that CAT without coaching is also possible if you know where to start and how to go ahead with CAT preparation for working professionals. Knowing when and how to start CAT 2022 preparation helps candidates to get good percentile in IIM entrance exam

  • The best way to improve your self-confidence would be to know the basics of all topics, solving more and more mocks/previous years CAT paper and even sample papers

  • As one of the Major Tips to CAT 2022 preparation for working professionals, interact with other candidates who are going through the same grind like you and keep the motivation level high

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SET a Timetable and Stick to It

Prepare a timetable and try to follow it even if you feel exhausted. It is better to draw a timetable for a shorter span of time as it is easy to follow and comply with. While planning a preparation schedule, keep an eye on the revised CAT 2022 exam pattern and syllabus. As time management is a major concern when it comes to CAT preparation for working professionals, drawing a time plan and following it properly will help in saving time for each topic.

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Get the Right Preparation Material

  • Always use good study materials. It does not matter how much resources you have. What matters is the quality of the study materials. So get a few good quality CAT preparation material rather than making a pile of rubbish resources.

  • A lot of good study apps that are helpful in CAT preparation for working professionals can be downloaded and assessed easily in smartphones

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CAT 2022

As per the exam dates of CAT 2022, the entrance exam will be held on November 27, 2022 (Tentatively) in 3 slots. CAT is a national-level exam that is conducted once a year by IIMs on a rotational basis. Fresher candidates or working professionals who wish to fill the CAT 2022 application form, must check the eligibility criteria beforehand. Apart from IIMs, CAT score is accepted by various B-Schools across India.

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