How to Utilize Calculator in CAT 2021

How to Utilize Calculator in CAT 2021

How to Utilize Calculator in CAT 2021 - Common Admission Test also known as CAT requires good calculation skills to ace sections like data interpretation and quantitative ability. Indian Institute of Management first introduced an on-screen calculator in 2015 to carry out basic computations.

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The introduction of on-screen calculators helps students boost their morale who are weak in quantitative aptitude or are from a non-engineering background as they appear for CAT. Many students feel insecure about their calculation, such students can resort to the use of calculators to ensure accuracy. However, one must utilize the calculator in CAT judiciously so as to make its optimum use. Careers360 brings to you the tips as to how to utilize the calculator in CAT 2021 to save time and score more.

How to Utilize Calculator in CAT 2021

Know how to use the on-screen calculator

The working of the onscreen calculator provided in the CAT exam will be the same as that of the normal calculator. You will have to make your entries using the buttons provided on the screen and then the result will be displayed on the calculator window when you submit your entries. It is rightly said that a tool is only good as the workman is hence, aspirants must be comfortable to use the online calculator beforehand. Practising the use of an online calculator before the actual CAT exam will help students familiarize with the interface. Additionally, knowing how to use the calculator in CAT 2021 will help students to utilize time efficiently. Students are advised to know the features of the calculator by giving the online mock tests for CAT 2021.

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Identify the questions which require the use of calculator in CAT 2021

Students are advised not to completely rely on the use of the calculator for every question related to quantitative ability. Candidates must not use the calculator for basic calculations unless it is necessary as it can be time-consuming. If they can mentally solve CAT questions then should try to do so. To have a certain calculation speed before the CAT exam is an important prerequisite. Students must have a strong hand in basic calculations and must refrain utilizing the calculator for CAT using it without need.

Don’t hesitate to utilize the calculator

Calculators must be used for intensive calculations in the CAT exam. Candidates must quickly identify the questions where they would be required to make use of the calculator. Questions asked in CAT which involve decimals and complex calculations therein calculators can be used to save time.

Give mocks to know the use

Students can begin practising the use of calculators while giving CAT mock tests. This will enable the students to identify when to use the calculator and when not. While solving the mock test calculators can be useful for solving higher power numerical which will be hard to solve manually. Furthermore, students can approximate with the answer with the help of a calculator and such tricks can be practised while giving the mock tests.

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Know short tricks

Having a good calculation speed gives students an edge to attempt more number of questions in less time during CAT. Using the on-screen calculator maybe not be always helpful as some of the maths tricks mentioned below:

Vedic maths - Vedic maths includes techniques to solve mathematical questions in a simple way. Using regular mathematical steps along with the calculator will be time-consuming in CAT wherein the section-time limit of 60 minutes is provided. Using Vedic maths improves memory and confidence.

Mind games - With the advancement of technology students must download various mathematics mind games on their mobile. Candidates must utilize this app in their free time and practise various skills in solving questions.

Create a repository

Students while learning the tricks must note down to register it in mind. Often students believe simply watching videos and passive learning will help them retain till the day of the exam, however, it is not true. Note down the important tricks to solve certain questions and while practice applies those techniques.

Ensure accuracy

Students who have a habit of making silly mistakes must definitely utilize the calculator for CAT 2021 to verify their response. Even if the candidate is sure with its calculation skills, after completing the question, he/she must ensure that the answer is accurate by using the calculator for calculations. This would eliminate the unnecessary negative marking and help achieve a good score in CAT.

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