IIFT 2022 Analysis by IMS Learning: Section Wise Analysis and Pattern

IIFT 2022 Analysis by IMS Learning: Section Wise Analysis and Pattern

IIFT 2022 Analysis by IMS Learning- IMS Learning, a renowned coaching center will provide both the IIFT 2022 analysis and the anticipated IIFT cutoff post the exam. IIFT analysis by IMS learning analysis will have insights relating to the paper's difficulty level, the topics addressed in each section, the weighting of each question, and so on.

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    NTA releases IIFT 2022 admit card on November 28. Download Now!

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    NTA will release IIFT 2022 admit card at anytime soon for the exam on December 5.

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IIFT will be conducted on December 05, 2021, in computer-based mode. IIFT 2022 analysis by IMS learning will include the difficulty level of the questions asked in different sections on the day of the examination. Continue reading the article to learn more about IMS Learning's analysis and expected cutoff of IIFT 2022.Also check:

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IIFT Exam Pattern 2022

Candidates who will appear for the exam can check the expected IIFT 2022 exam pattern in the table that is given below.

IIFT 2022 Test Pattern



Marks per Question

Total marks

Negative Marks/ incorrect response


Suggested time (in minutes)

Quantitative Ability







Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension







Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning







General Awareness














*The cutoff in the table shows the expected cut-off for general category students.

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IIFT 2022 Analysis by IMS Learning: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

As per IIFT analysis by IMS Learning, Data Interpretation (DI) sets will be fairly calculation intensive. Few questions asked in the DI sets may involve complex calculations. In IIFT 2021, out of the 30 questions in the section, 16 questions were on Data Interpretation (four sets with four questions each) and 14 questions were on Logical Reasoning. Overall, this section was medium to difficult.

There were questions such as "Which of the following is third-highest" etc, which have been traditionally asked in the IIFT exam. Similarly, the options to questions were also not very close and did not have too many "None of these" or "Cannot be determined" options. Overall, the questions on LR were easier than those on DI. Moreover, because DI and LR were combined in the same section, ideally students should have aimed to solve the majority of LR questions before attempting DI questions.

The following table shows the break-up of the sets in the IIFT DILR section:

SetType of setNumber of questionsDifficulty level
Data Interpretation

Line graph + Bar (on Average sales)

2Bar graph + Line4Difficult
4Pie chart + Table4Easy-Medium
Logical Reasoning- Set based
1Circular Arrangements4Medium-Difficult
Logical Reasoning- Standalone
1Linear Arrangement1Easy
3Puzzle21 Easy + 1 Medium

An attempt of about 12-14 questions with 80-85% accuracy in 35-40 minutes would be considered a good attempt in this section.

IIFT Analysis 2022 by IMS Learning: Reading Comprehension & Verbal Ability

In IIFT 2021, the Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability were combined into a single section. However, the overall question pattern did not deviate much from last year and had 16 Reading Comprehension questions and 19 VA questions. The 16 Reading Comprehension questions were distributed equally among 4 RC passages. Two of these passages had lengths between 500 & 600 words and the remaining two passages were longer with 800-900 words each. Each passage had 4 questions to be answered. Because of the increased length, the two longer passages were more challenging to comprehend and attempt. Most of the questions were in the moderate to difficult range. One observation was that passages needed to be horizontally scrolled as well as vertically which made it more time-consuming to read the whole passage.

The Verbal Ability (VA) part was dominated by vocabulary-related questions with around 10 to 11 vocabulary-related questions. The vocabulary table question sets (synonyms and crosswords) were particularly time-consuming with only two questions to answer and hence should have been avoided or attempted towards the end. Apart from these, some typical IIFT style questions (match the synonyms/ meanings) made their presence felt. Jumbled Paragraph (3 questions) and Grammar (5 questions) also had questions that should not have been missed.

Overall, the VARC section was slightly more difficult than last year's VARC section in IIFT considering the two very lengthy RC passages. Since time constraint is applicable in IIFT, attempts in RC are often moderate. The two short passages would have been attempted (14 to 15 minutes). These should have been attempted after VA questions had been attempted (for around 18-20 minutes) in order to maximize overall VARC attempts.

Previous Year IIFT Exam Analysis by IMS Learning for RC & VA

RC Passage Topic

No. of Questions

Type of Questions

Level of Difficulty

Jonestown: Effects of social influences on human (Approx. 800 words)


2 Specific Detail

1 Application

1 Main Idea

3 Medium, 1 Difficult

Influence of culture on the economy (Approx. 500 words)


2 Specific Detail

1 Inferential

1 Main Idea

1 Easy, 3 Medium

Obama and the Liberals Vs Conservative Divide (Approx. 800 words)


3 Specific Detail

1 Inferential

4 Medium

Plastic Packaging: Pollution and Economic Costs of Replacing Plastic Packaging (Approx. 500 words)


4 Specific Detail

4 Easy

IMS Learning Analysis for Verbal Ability in IIFT 2021

Verbal abilityNo. of questionsLevel of difficulty
Table of Words (Crossword and Synonyms)022 Medium
Identify the Synonym - Root Word044 Easy
Match the Synonyms022 Easy

Identify Grammatically Incorrect Sentence (Question Tag)

022 Easy
Identify Grammatically Correct Sentence(s)033 Medium
Jumbled Paragraphs032 Medium, 1 Easy
One-Word Substitution033 Easy

An attempt of about 18 to 20 questions including RC with 80-85% accuracy in about 35 minutes would be considered a good attempt.

IIFT Exam 2022 Analysis by IMS Learning: General Awareness

The General Awareness (GA) section in IIFT 2022 exam is expected to be of medium difficulty level, similar to last year. The previous year, the GA section had 20 questions. The section consisted of normal MCQs and match the column questions (2 column questions) typical of IIFT. There were 9 static GK questions and 11 Current Affairs questions. Static GK questions were slightly more in number as compared to last year. Questions covered a wide range of areas and gave no special advantage to people who may be experts in a particular area.

An attempt of 8 to 10 questions with an accuracy rate of 60-70% in 7 to 8 minutes would be considered a good attempt.

IIFT Test 2022 Analysis by IMS Learning: Quantitative Ability

QA was the toughest section in this question paper last year. Several questions were lengthy and time-consuming in general. This section was dominated by questions on Arithmetic. Out of 25 questions in this section, 11 were on Arithmetic, followed by 5 on Geometry and 4 on Algebra and 4 Modern Maths. Based on this candidates can draw the IIFT 2022 analysis for QA section.

4Modern Mathematics224

A total attempt of about 9-10 questions with 80-85% accuracy in about 30-35 minutes would be considered a good attempt in this section.

Overall Analysis of IIFT

Along with CAT and XAT, IIFT is one of the most reputed MBA entrance exams in the country. Although the colleges that accept the IIFT score are less when compared to the other two, that doesn't stop thousands of candidates from appearing in this prestigious exam every year. It is also one of the hardest to crack exams due to the low number of colleges that accept scores. This high difficulty of the paper in combination with high competition calls for having a sound preparation plan.

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