IIFT 2023 Time Management Strategy

IIFT 2023 Time Management Strategy

IIFT 2023 Time Management Strategy - In order to get admission to the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade by cracking the entrance exam, it is important for all candidates to be aware of the IIFT time management strategy to be followed. IIFT 2023 will be conducted in the fourth week of January probably.

Hence, all candidates who are interested in pursuing an MBA (IB) from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade have quite a lot of time to devise a proper time management strategy for IIFT. For candidates who do not know when, how, and where to begin their preparation from, CareersToday in this article on IIFT time management strategy brings the tactics of managing the time in such a way that all topics of the IIFT 2023 syllabus are covered. IIFT is a national level exam that is conducted by the National Testing Agency once a year. Apart from time tactics to be followed, we shall also discuss exam dates as well as the exam pattern of IIFT.

Exam Dates of IIFT 2023

Before starting the preparation, it is vital for candidates to be aware of the IIFT 2023 exam dates for making a time schedule as to how and when to start. IIFT 2023 exam dates given below are tentative and will be updated soon.

IIFT Exam Dates 2023:


Dates (Tentatively)

Releasing of IIFT 2023 application form and brochure

First week of November 2022

Last date of submission of IIFT 2023 online application form

Last week of December 2022

Last date for payment of application fee

Last week of December 2022

Correction window

First week of January 2023

Availability of IIFT 2023 admit card

Second week of January 2023

IIFT 2023

Fourth week of January 2023

Topper’s View on IIFT Time Management Strategy

As per topper, Daniel Sinha who scored 99.99 percentile in IIFT, time management skills is very essential for the IIFT exam as compared to other MBA entrance exams for the simple reason that questions of QA and DI sections are quite lengthy. Since candidates get only 2 hours to solve all four sections, it is necessary to have a sectional timing in your mind while solving the paper. Daniel further added that panic won’t help as you may lose the right set of questions which can help in gaining marks.

Whereas, IIFT Topper Shivank Goyal who scored 99.94 Percentile says that since there is no sectional limit hence, in order to save time it is better to do the DI section last as questions in this section are lengthy and can be complex at times.

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Importance of IIFT Time Management Strategy

As compared to other MBA entrance exams, IIFT is considered to be a unique exam as the number of questions asked always differs. All four sections in IIFT are equally important as the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade also considers sectional cutoff. Apart from that as per the exam pattern of IIFT 2023, there will be negative marking as well. Henceforth, the selection of the right set of questions is vital for success.

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While Preparing - How to do IIFT Time Management Strategy?

Make A Proper Time Table

Having a planner is beneficial while preparing for any entrance exam. For candidates who will give IIFT 2023 the best way to keep up with time is to make a proper study timetable. While making the plan or timetable, one of the time management theory i.e. ABC system theory can be applied. This theory of time management states that candidates need to prioritize the tasks that need to be done or undertaken.

Well begun is half done is a common phrase used by people around the world. Hence, to level up in terms of preparation, one of the IIFT time management strategies is to make a proper plan. It is advisable to make a weekly plan and move with that. In case of any difficulty faced, changes can be made accordingly. Given below IIFT Time Management Strategy can be applied by candidates who are preparing for the entrance exam.

IIFT Time Management Strategy to be followed:

Time Duration

What to do?

For 6-4 Months

  • Start with the basics (keeping in mind the syllabus)

  • Join online study groups and look for quality study material

  • Learn formulas and basic techniques of solving questions easily

For 3 to 1 Months

  • Start solving previous year question papers

  • Focus on areas of improvements

For 30 days

  • Give mocks and analyze your performance

  • Keep 1 hour for studying GK on daily basis

Prepare the Unknown Topics

Give some time and highlight the topics of the IIFT syllabus. Mark tough/unknown topics. Since you have a handful of 6 months, it is good to start with topics that you find difficult. Try to analyze them and know the techniques of solving them in a simpler form. Take help from peers or someone who is of a similar mind and is preparing for IIFT 2023. Contact any senior through social media and ask them for tactics of solving questions rapidly with accuracy.

Practice Pre-mocks

In order to understand how to manage time on exam day, it is imperative for candidates to take mock tests. This will help them in knowing whether they can accurately solve questions within the time limit set or not. Moreover, to gauge where candidates stand and what more they need to study, it is good to take mock tests beforehand. To have an idea of how much time to devote to each section, candidates can also take up some sample papers of IIFT and solve them while keeping up with the timer.

During Exam - How to do IIFT Time Management Strategy?

Attempt the easy questions first

Toppers suggest that while attempting the question paper of IIFT, it is better to move with the known questions. Since the time limit of IIFT is two hours, candidates should not waste more than 2-3 minutes on a single question. Questions from the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section could be slightly lengthy as well as difficult hence it is better to attempt this section at last.

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Figure Out Average Time

With regard to the time management strategy of IIFT 2023, candidates should figure out in advance how much time they should devote to each section. Apart from that time given per question also matters. Try to have some add on time to revise or review the questions answered to ensure accuracy. Given below is the suggested time to be allotted in each section of IIFT as per IMS Learning on IIFT. The same can be followed for IIFT 2023.

Sectional Time Allotment:

Sections (4)

Questions (Likely to be asked)

Suggested time

Quantitative Ability



Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension



Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning



General Awareness



Go for Reverse Strategy

At the time of solving multiple-choice questions in IIFT 2023, if at any point candidates feel that they are confused between one or two choices, or the question is lengthy, or cannot understand the question then in such a case, the reverse strategy can be applied to do time management and save time. In this strategy, the choices are read first and then the question. This sometimes helps in simplifying the question.

Above all, one of the IIFT Time Management strategies is to leave the questions which you do not know. Do not waste a nanosecond about what could be the answer. Giving wrong answers or marking with mere assumptions might leave your result with negative marks.

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