Difference Between Constant and Variables

These terms are the bread and butter of maths terminology and it is important to know what differentiates one from the other. A constant can simply be defined as a value used in mathematics for expressions and equations. A constant does not change over time unlike variables which have characteristics that are opposite to that of variables.

Difference between Constant and Variables

These are primarily symbols that act as placeholders for a certain value. Variables are primarily represented in letters or phrases and do not have a fixed value attached to them. The value of a variable is unique and can change from one scenario to the other. Variables along with constants are used mainly in algebraic expressions. For a point by point difference between the two, check out the tabular column below:

Difference between Constant and Variables



A constant does not change its value over time.

A variable on the other hand changes its value dependent on the equation.

Constants are usually written in numbers.

Variables are especially written in letters or symbols.

Constants usually represent known values in an equation, expression or in line of programming.

Variables on the other hand represent unknown values.

Constants are used in computer programming.

Variables also has its uses in computer programming and applications.