Difference Between Line and Line Segment

In the rudimentary level geometry, the term that each and every student comes across is ‘line’. A line is a direct geometric shape that expands in both the courses. However, there is a difference between ‘Line’ and ‘Line Segment‘.

Line Definition

A line is a one-dimensional geometrical figure. It is defined as a straight, long, and a continuous path that is represented using the arrowheads at both directions. It extends in both the directions.

Line Segment Definition

A line segment is a straight line that passes through the two points. A line segment has a definite length. The shortest distance between two points can be measured with the help of a ruler. It has length, but it does not have a width and depth.

Key Difference Between Line and Line Segment

It is a basic fundamental aspect for all the students of the elementary level to understand the variances between these both terms. Below mentioned are a few differences.

Line Line Segment
The line doesn’t have an endpoint. While the line segment has two endpoints.
A line extends in both the directions As the line segment has the start and endpoint, it extends, it does not extend in both the directions.
It does not have a start and endpoint It has start and endpoint
The length of the line cannot be measured The length of the line segment can be measured
Many students have a question if a line can be drawn on a sheet of paper. And, the answer to that question is ‘No’. ‘Yes,’ a line segment can be drawn on a sheet of the paper.
As mentioned earlier in the first point, that the line doesn’t possess an endpoint. The length of a line is indefinite. As mentioned in the first point, a line segment comprises of two endpoints. The length is definite.
A line can be comprehended as a boundless, straight, continuous and a long path. A line segment is a tiny part or a section of the line.
The line is represented as – ‘l’ Whereas, the line segment is denoted as – AB and an arrow mark above the symbol AB.