Vertical Line

In a graph, a line parallel to Y-axis is called Vertical Line. It is a straight line which goes from top to bottom. Similarly the line which goes from left to right and a parallel lines to x-axis is called as horizontal line.

let’s learn more about Vertical Lines.

  • The equation of a vertical line in graph i.e parallel to y-axis is x = 0.
  • The slope of a vertical line is infinity or undefined as it has no y-intercept and denominator in the slope formula is zero.
  • To check whether the relation is a function in maths, we use vertical line. It would be a function if all vertical lines intersect it minimum once. This is also called as Vertical line test. A graph will be considered as a function if it has only one output y for each input x.

Vertical Line Example:

Question: Plot the graph for following:

  • X = 8

  • X = – 4

  • X = 3

  • X = – 5

  • X = 6