How to prepare for NEET 2022 in 2 months - Tips & Tricks


How to prepare for NEET 2022 in 2 months - Tips & Tricks

How to prepare for NEET 2022 in 2 months - There are many medical students who start preparing for the NEET exam, late. As per the latest update, NEET UG 2022 exam is scheduled to be conducted on July 17. The task at hand, especially if 2 months is all you have is challenging. Careers360 brings this article on how to prepare for NEET 2022 in 2 months for such aspirants to help them crack the exam.

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Latest Updates for NEET

  • 5 days ago:

    NEET 2022 application form last date again extended till May 20!

  • 19 Jan 2022:

    NEET 2021 counselling started; Register till January 24

  • 01 Nov 2021:

    NEET result 2021 announced; Download scorecard here!

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NEET syllabus is quite vast and comprehensive, and around 16 lakh aspirants register every year for the test. It goes without saying that if one doesn’t have at least the basics of the different subjects covered, the task to crack NEET will become even more herculean. But this article on How to prepare for NEET 2022 in 2 months is not an attempt to dissuade or discourage you, but instead will help you manage your time and tick all the right boxes. Go through the tips on NEET UG 2022 preparations exam in 2 months, and make your dream a reality.

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A brief on NEET

  • NEET is a national-level exam conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to MBBS, BDS, BSC Nursing and AYUSH courses in colleges in India.

  • Scores of the exam are also accepted for admission to MBBS and BDS courses abroad

  • AIIMS and JIPMER MBBS admissions are also conducted through NEET result.

  • The NEET 2022 exam is conducted in pen-and-paper mode.

How to prepare for NEET 2022 in 2 months

Two months is not a load of time, so the trick ultimately is to maximize every minute, like prioritizing what to study, not wasting time on topics that are too time-consuming, and being realistic about one’s abilities.

How to prepare for NEET in 2 months - Be realistic

Before starting preparation, figure out where you stand. If you feel like you only have scratched the syllabus so far, it may better serve your purpose if you don’t try to complete the entire syllabus but instead smartly leave out some topics which don’t carry much weightage. This way you will have more time to focus on other topics, as your attention wouldn’t be scattered. Alternately, if your foundation is strong, you may go the whole hog and try to score maximum marks.

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The point here is you should start with realistic goals. Like first try to ensure you are good enough to qualify in NEET 2022. If that target is achieved, you can scale up and try to get higher marks.

How to prepare for NEET 2022 in 2 months - Check the exam pattern and syllabus

As per the NEET syllabus 2022, questions will be asked from three subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. It is recommended that you stick only to the topics listed in the NTA NEET syllabus, as questions will invariably be asked from them only. Along with the NEET syllabus, aspirants are advised to go through the exam pattern carefully to learn about the structure of the exam. Here is a brief overview of the NEET exam pattern.

  • The duration of the exam is three hours with questions being asked from physics, chemistry, and biology

  • The question type will be multiple choice

  • Each correct answer carries 4 marks, while for negative response (-1) mark will be deducted

  • The maximum number of marks to be obtained in the exam is 720

Prepare for NEET 2022 exam in 2 months - Study Routine

After going through the exam pattern and syllabus, put in place an actionable study routine. Studying with a routine aspirant will be able to track their progress more effectively than going about doing the job randomly. Also, this way you will be able to allot time and attention to topics that need them effectively. When making the study plan, you must prioritize scorable topics and complete them first. Likewise, decide priority for all topics. The least priority should be given to topics that carry minimum weightage.

Two months NEET preparation tips - Taking tough decisions

In the course of your preparation, you may come across topics or problems that you can’t seem to solve or is taking more time than you can afford. It is better to leave such problems and move on. Or else you will end up spending prodigious time on these topics, leaving you with little time to complete other topics.

Also, what you can do with difficult time-consuming topics is mark them for study later, like when you have covered the rest of the topics.

How to crack NEET 2022 in 2 months - Take notes and use flashcards

If you make a habit of taking notes during study, you will be alert during study and also be able to jot down all the important points. The notes can also be used for quick revision as you don’t have to go through large blocks of text. The more self-sufficient the notes are, the more useful they will be. Flashcards are another items that can be used to improve retention.

How to prepare for NEET 2022 in 2 months - Solving sample papers

Sample papers contain questions similar to the ones asked in the entrance exam. So, by solving NEET sample papers, the candidate will be able to know what types of questions are asked, distribute of questions, and also assess their progress. Once a problem area has been identified, the candidate needs to fill the gap quickly.

In fact, one may solve sample questions after completing a topic, as this will help edify what has been learned. Also, problem-solving skills will go up by solving sample questions. Along with sample papers, the candidate may also use previous years' NEET question papers. Remember some questions are repeated, not verbatim, but in concept.

How to revise for NEET 2022 in 2 months - Revision

The timely revision will help keep what you have read fresh, so you wouldn’t have to repeat the entire exercise from the stretch. Initially, a topic may need frequent revision, but as you go along and the topic gets familiar, the frequency may be brought down.

How to prepare for NEET 2022 in 2 months - Mock Tests

Mock tests are today a big part of the preparation process, as they will help the candidate learn time management, improve precision, and build exam temperament. The NEET mock test will be a simulation of the real exam, so questions will be similar, and there will be a timer as well indicating the passage of time.

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