How to prepare for NEET 2024 using mock test - Expert and Topper Insights

NEET UG is the single largest medical entrance examination through which admission to MBBS, BDS, AYUSH courses are offered in India. With the increasing difficulty level of NEET UG, it becomes of utmost importance to have an idea about the exam pattern, and there is no better way to do so other than practising mock tests of NEET UG.

The NEET mock tests 2025 will help aspirants get familiar with the exam pattern and provide guidance for self-evaluation. On the basis of performance in mock tests of NEET 2025, candidates can restructure their preparation strategy. Experts, as well as NEET toppers, have recommended time and again that solving NTA mock test for NEET allows candidates to work on their weak areas, helps in self-assessment, and develops the exam temperament.

NEET UG will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in offline mode. In their earlier stage of the NEET preparation 2025, candidates are advised to practice through mock tests as it will offer an exam day experience in advance. Careers360 hereby presents the valuable inputs shared by subject experts and previous year toppers on how to prepare for NEET 2025 using mock tests.

How to prepare for NEET 2025 - Why take up mock tests?

NEET 2025 exam will comprise 200 questions, out of which candidates will have to solve 180 questions in 3 hours and 20 minutes. As the undergraduate medical examination will be held in offline mode, time management plays a huge factor. Apart from the time constraint, negative marking is another important factor that the candidates cannot undermine in the case of NEET 2025.

Mock tests of the NEET 2025 exam are structured according to the actual NEET exam pattern. This helps in simulating actual exam day conditions and the development of preparation strategies likewise. The pointers given below take into account the viewpoints of experts and toppers and list some of the major benefits that can be derived from solving NEET mock tests 2025.

Get acquainted with the exam pattern

Aspirants can gather a clear picture of the exam pattern by solving NEET 2025 mock tests and getting familiar with the time of questions asked. Expert Anand Nagarajan shares that “Test series and mocks are very important to get into the exam mindset and to begin thinking in the manner suitable for the exam.”

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Understanding time management

Time is a major constraint and managing time in NEET properly is going to make all the difference especially since the mode of the exam will be offline. Practising mock tests will help candidates to build a proper time management strategy for the three sections of NEET 2025.

Building precision

Solving mock tests on a regular basis will help candidates enhance their accuracy and restrain the impact of negative marking in the exam. As suggested by Mr Nagarjan “Taking a good number of mock tests and model exams based on NEET 2025 will give students the feel and the ‘pinch’ of negative marking.”

Confidence booster

Aspirants achieve a certain level of satisfaction if they perform well in mock tests and NEET previous year question papers which in turn uplifts their confidence. It also helps them ensure that their preparation for NEET 2025 is on the right track and increases their familiarity with the exam pattern.

How to give mock test for NEET?

The medical UG entrance test, the NEET exam is attempted every year by lakhs of candidates and nearly everyone tries and solves mock tests in their preparation phase. Still, how is it that a much lesser number manage to pass the exam with flying colours? There ought to be something that certain aspirants do differently than others. If taking up mock tests right is the cue, then how should one go about it?

Let’s find out below the strategies recommended by toppers and experts in regard to solving mock tests of NEET 2025 and getting the best out of it.

Solve previous years’ papers

Experts recommend that students solve papers from several previous question years of NEET (and AIPMT before it) but also likewise entrances such as AIIMS and JIPMER MBBS provided that the syllabus is similar to that of the one prescribed for NEET 2025. However, all other exam like AIIMS MBBS and JIPMER MBBS has been merged under the NEET. So, it is known to all that NEET 2025 is a single entrance exam for taking admission in a medical UG course.

“Take at least 15 mocks and previous 12 years’ papers before the final exam and follow them up with performance analysis”, says Mr Nagarajan. Tamoghna Ghosh, an AIIMS MBBS topper, on a similar note, added that “I solved past 30 years’ question papers to understand the pattern and question types. I used to take a lot of mock tests and got them thoroughly analyzed by mentors”.

Practice mock tests of different kinds

NEET Mock Tests 2025 can either be subject/topic or full-length. Aspirants must try and solve as many different types of mock tests for NEET 2025, as befitting their individual situations.

Specific questions pertaining to a subject or topic can be practised from NEET 2025 question banks to solidify one’s concept and develop expertise. Solving mocks subject-wise will help NEET 2025 aspirants ace every subject individually. While preparing for Physics, considered one of the more difficult subjects, this strategy especially proves to be fruitful. For NEET 2025 preparation, practising full-length mocks is also equally important. The benefits of practising mocks for NEET 2025 cannot be fully reaped until one focuses on full-length mock tests.

Performance evaluation

During the NEET preparation, the evaluation of performance after every mock test is the key factor that comes into play. It helps in the identification of errors and gives aspirants a chance to work on them.

The following aspects should be kept in mind while preparing for NEET 2025 using mock tests.

  • Time management

  • Negative marks being lost

  • Subject-wise performance

  • Analyzing weak and strong areas

Always beware of negative marking

On NEET 2025 exam day, authorities will not provide chances for trial and error. In NEET, for every wrong answer, candidates will lose one mark. Therefore, keep evaluating the performance in this context while solving mock tests, and try to limit the marks lost due to wrong answers.

Always time your attempts

As NEET is an offline exam, it is very crucial that aspirants attempt about 15-30 odd mock tests by simulating the exact exam day environment within the exact time frame allotted. This will ensure that candidates analyse so as to how much time to devote per question depending on its difficulty on the actual exam day.

The answer on how to prepare for NEET 2025 using mock tests described in the article above is written as per the expert's and toppers' advice.

Which mock test is best for NEET?

There are several reputable mock tests and practice papers available for NEET preparation. The key is to choose a combination of official and high-quality unofficial mock tests to get a well-rounded preparation experience. Here are some options to consider:

  1. NTA NEET mock tests: The National Testing Agency (NTA), which conducts the NEET exam, provides official mock tests on their official website. These mock tests closely simulate the actual NEET exam environment and pattern.

  2. Coaching institutes' mock tests: Reputed coaching institutes for medical entrance exams often provide high-quality mock tests that can be valuable for your preparation. Institutes like Aakash, Allen, Resonance, etc., offer such resources.

  3. Study guide books: Many NEET guidebooks also include a set of practice papers and mock tests. Books by renowned publishers like MTG Learning Media, Arihant, and Disha Publications often offer comprehensive practice resources.

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