NEET 2022 Online Classes

NEET 2022 Online Classes

NEET 2022 Online Classes - The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a common entrance test conducted for granting medical UG admission in India. Aspirants should try to leave no stone unturned to crack the NEET 2022. Aspirants have to be sincere about their NEET 2022 preparation.

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In India, there are various NEET UG coaching hubs, online platforms that charge huge amounts for the preparations of NEET 2022, but there are students who cannot afford to pay such amounts, and also there are aspirants who want to boost up their preparation without opting for a premium subscription.

For them, free NEET 2022 online classes is a better option. Though the offline classes claim that they have better subject experts, but the NEET online classes are not so far from them. During the NEET online classes 2022, candidates are provided with better tutors with somewhat the same as the offline ones. With easy access to the internet, learning from online NEET 2022 coaching is not that difficult for aspirants. Aspirants seeking for more details on top NEET online classes, importance, how to prepare can check the article below.

NEET Online Classes 2022

As per the recent developments, NEET 2022 online classes are the need of the hour and every one is shifting towards it. In order to provide NEET coaching classes for better preparation, the central government, state government, and various prominent online platforms are providing enough from their side to provide free online classes.

NEET Free Online Classes on Youtube

For the preparation of NEET 2022, youtube is one of the best platforms where aspirants can learn better. As youtube is a free online platform, there are millions of creators or experts who put their videos for free NEET 2022 preparation.

If aspirants are looking for best NEET online classes on youtube can check the list of top tutor from below.

Top NEET 2022 online classes on Youtube

Sl. No.

Youtube Channel Name



Sachin Rana (IITB)




Physics Wallah


Etoos Education

NEET Online Classes 2022 - What to Keep in Mind?

  • While preparing with NEET 2022 online classes, aspirants are advised to search for the topic in which they are facing problems.

  • Aspirants will find plenty of videos related to that NEET important topic, by just tapping on the search.

  • Candidates then have to decide which NEET online classes 2022 is good for them and try to stick to that channel.

  • As sticking to a single channel for free NEET 2022 online classes will lead to systematic preparation and avoid any kind of confusion related to that.

  • Aspirants have to prepare for the NEET exam with the best relevant sources, which are providing quality content.

NEET 2022 Online Classes by NTA

NTA provides free NEET coaching lectures and videos by various prominent professors for better preparation. Every interested aspirant can access the NTA NEET online classes 2022 by visiting the official website (

The main motive behind this NEET free coaching assistance is to provide each student with an equal chance to learn & grow by gaining knowledge. Aspirants can also use UI mock test app, NTA NEET Abhyas for preparing from the previous year’s questions.

How to access NEET 2022 Online Classes by Subject Experts and IIT Professors?

Aspirants can go through the below-mentioned steps to watch the subject-wise NEET online classes 2022.

  • Click on the link provided below

  • The link will redirect to the ‘Content Based Lectures’ of the NEET exam.

  • On that youtube page, aspirants will find NEET Physics video lectures, NEET Biology video lectures, and NEET Chemistry video lectures.

  • Choose the subject and the youtube page will be opened containing all the expert videos for the particular subject.

To Watch NEET Physics Video Lectures – Click here

To Watch NEET Chemistry Video Lectures – Click here

To Watch NEET Biology Video Lectures – Click here

Advantages of NEET 2022 Online Classes

There are many high yielding advantages of online NEET classes. These are as follows:

  • Candidates can study in the comfort space of their own houses.

  • As the demand of NEET online classes 2022, there is an increase in engagement between student, teacher, and parent. This benefits teachers to enhance their skills.

  • NEET 2022 online classes also help bring in a lot more transparency, which was not there earlier. Parents can now sit alongside their child and see how much he/she is interacting in the class and how well they are taught.

  • Another advantage of NEET online class is that candidates who were earlier hesitant in asking questions in a classroom environment are now easily able to raise their queries through live chat.

  • NEET online classes will create a personalized learning path based on learning abilities and grasping speed for each student.

  • Also, due to online NEET 2022 classes, candidates will not have to travel long distances to reach their coaching institutes

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