Revised NEET 2024 Toppers List (Out Soon): 61 AIR 1 Name, State-wise Rank

The National Testing Agency declared NEET UG 2024 re-exam results on June 30 at A total of 6 students who scored 720 due to grace marks on May 5 exam are not listed in the revised NEET toppers list 2024. Now, a total of 61 students have topped the NEET 2024 with AIR 1 with 720 marks. All these candidates have scored 99.9971285 percentile. Earlier, the NTA named 67 students in the NEET toppers list 2024. In the NEET re-test, held on June 23, only 5 NEET toppers appeared out of 6. These 5 candidates have now scored in the range of 680+ marks.

Revised NEET 2024 topper list by NTA

The NTA released the NEET re-exam result 2024 on June 30. The revised NEET toppers list 2024 will be released by NTA on the official website, at The NEET toppers list 2024 for retest will mention the names of candidates, rank, marks scored and other details. Candidates can check the revised NEET toppers 2024 with marks and percentile here. On June 4, the NTA released NEET toppers list 2024 where 67 students achieved AIR 1 with 720 marks. Soon after the results, widespread protests by students and activists were held across the country raising objections over an unprecedented numbers of students who scored 720 out of 720.

The complete NEET 2024 toppers list with their AIR, gender, category, marks obtained, percentile, and state is provided below. This year over 24 lakh candidates registered for the NEET exam, and the competition level is expected to be on the higher side. Read the full article to know the complete details about NEET result 2024 toppers. Candidates can also check the NEET scorecard 2024 to check their AIR.

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NEET Result 2024 Topper AIR 1

A total of 61 students have secured AIR 1 this year. All the candidates have scored 720 marks and 99.9971285 percentile in NEET exam 2024.

NEET 2024 Topper List

The NEET re-exam result is declared on June 30. Once available, the complete revised NEET topper list 2024 will be provided in the table below. The NEET 2024 topper list of category-wise, gender-wise, and state-wise will also be provided.

2024 NEET topper AIR 1 list (Before NEET re-exam)

S. No.Candidate NameGenderCategoryPercentileState
1Ved Sunilkumar ShendeMaleGeneral99.997129Maharashtra
2Syed Aarifin Yusuf MMaleGeneral99.997129Tamilnadu
3Mridul Manya AnandMaleOBC - (NCL) asPer Central List99.997129Delhi
4Ayush NaugraiyaMaleGen-Ews99.997129Uttar Pradesh
5Mazin MansoorMaleOBC - (NCL)as Per Central List99.997129Bihar
6Rupayan MandalMaleGeneral99.997129West Bengal
7Akshat PangariaMaleGeneral99.997129Uttarakhand
8Shaurya GoyalMaleGeneral99.997129Punjab
9Tathagat AwatarMaleOBC - (NCL)as Per Central List99.997129Bihar
10Chand MallikMaleSc99.997129Tripura
12Shailaja SFemaleGeneral99.997129Tamilnadu
15Gunmay GargMaleGeneral99.997129Punjab
16Aadarsh Singh MoyalMaleGeneral99.997129Rajasthan
17Aditya Kumar PandaMaleGeneral99.997129Tamilnadu
18Arghyadeep DuttaMaleOBC - (NCL) asPer Central List99.997129West Bengal
19Sriram PMaleOBC - (NCL) asPer Central List99.997129Tamilnadu
20Isha KothariFemaleGeneral99.997129Rajasthan
21Kasturi Sandeep ChowdaryMaleGen-Ews99.997129Andhra Pradesh
22Shashank SharmaMaleGeneral99.997129Rajasthan
23Shubhan SenguptaMaleGeneral99.997129Maharashtra
24Saksham AgrawalMaleGeneral99.997129West Bengal
25Aryan SharmaMaleGeneral99.997129Himachal Pradesh
26Kahkasha ParweenFemaleOBC - (NCL)as Per Central List99.997129Jharkhand
27Devadarshan R NairMaleGeneral99.997129Kerala
28Gattu Bhanuteja SaiMaleOBC -(NCL)As Per Central List99.997129Andhra Pradesh
29Umayma MalbariFemaleGeneral99.997129Maharashtra
30Kalyan VMaleGeneral99.997129Karnataka
31Sujoy DuttaMaleGeneral99.997129Delhi
32Shyam JhanwarMaleGeneral99.997129Rajasthan
33Aryan YadavMaleOBC - (NCL)as Per Central List99.997129Uttar Pradesh
34Manav PriyadarshiMaleOBC - (NCL)as Per Central List99.997129Jharkhand
35Palansha AgarwalFemaleGeneral99.997129Maharashtra
36Rajaneesh PMaleSC99.997129Tamilnadu
37Dhruv GargMaleGeneral99.997129Rajasthan
38Krishnamurti Pankaj ShiwalMaleGeneral99.997129Maharashtra
39Sreenand SharmilMaleGeneral99.997129Kerala
40Ved PatelMaleGeneral99.997129Gujarat
41Sam Shreyas JosephMaleGeneral99.997129Karnataka
42Jayathi Poorvaja MFemaleGeneral99.997129Tamilnadu
43Mane Neha KuldeepFemaleOBC - (NCL)As Per Central List99.997129Maharashtra
44Hritik RajMaleOBC - (NCL)As Per Central List99.997129Bihar
45Kriti SharmaFemaleGeneral99.997129Gujarat
46Taijas SinghMaleGeneral99.997129Chandigarh
47Arjun KishoreMaleGeneral99.997129Karnataka
48Rohith RMaleOBC - (NCL)As PerCentral List99.997129Tamilnadu
49Abhishek V JMaleGeneral99.997129Kerala
50Sabareesan SMaleGeneral99.997129Tamilnadu
51Darsh PaghdarMaleGeneral99.997129Gujarat
52Shikhin GoyalMaleGeneral99.997129Punjab
53Amina Arif KadiwalaFemaleGeneral99.997129Maharashtra
54Devesh JoshiMaleGen-Ews99.997129Rajasthan
55Rishabh ShahMaleGeneral99.997129Gujarat
56Poreddy Pavan Kumar ReddyMaleGen-Ews99.997129Andhra Pradesh
57Abhinav Sunil PrasadMaleGeneral99.997129Kerala
58Samit Kumar SainiMaleOBC - (NCL)as Per Central List99.997129Rajasthan
59Iram QuaziFemaleGeneral99.997129Rajasthan
60Vadlapudi Mukhesh ChowdaryMaleGeneral99.997129Andhra Pradesh
61Abhinav KisnaMaleOBC - (NCL)As Per Central List99.997129Bihar
64LakshayMaleOBC - (NCL)As Per Central List99.997129Delhi
65AnjaliFemaleOBC -(NCL)As Per Central List99.997129Haryana

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NEET 2024 female toppers AIR 1

S. No.Candidate’s NameCategoryPercentile ScoreState
2Shailaja SGeneral99.9971285Tamilnadu
3Isha KothariGeneral99.9971285Rajasthan
4Kahkasha ParweenOBC - (NCL) asPer Central List99.9971285Jharkhand
5Umayma MalbariGeneral99.9971285Maharashtra
6Palansha AgarwalGeneral99.9971285Maharashtra
7Jayathi Poorvaja MGeneral99.9971285Tamilnadu
8Mane Neha KuldeepOBC - (NCL) asPer Central List99.9971285Maharashtra
9Kriti SharmaGeneral99.9971285Gujarat
10Amina Arif KadiwalaGeneral99.9971285Maharashtra
11Iram QuaziGeneral99.9971285Rajasthan
13AnjaliOBC - (NCL) asPer Central List99.9971285Haryana

NEET 2024 Male toppers AIR 1

S. No.Candidate’s NameCategoryPercentileScoreState
1Ved Sunilkumar ShendeGeneral99.9971285Maharashtra
2Syed Aarifin Yusuf MGeneral99.9971285Tamilnadu
3Mridul Manya AnandOBC - (NCL) As PerCentral List99.9971285Delhi
4Ayush NaugraiyaGen-Ews99.9971285Uttar Pradesh
5Mazin MansoorOBC - (NCL) As PerCentral List99.9971285Bihar
6Rupayan MandalGeneral99.9971285West Bengal
7Akshat PangariaGeneral99.9971285Uttarakhand
8Shaurya GoyalGeneral99.9971285Punjab
9Tathagat AwatarOBC - (NCL) As PerCentral List99.9971285Bihar
10Chand MallikSC99.9971285Tripura
13Gunmay GargGeneral99.9971285Punjab
14Aadarsh Singh MoyalGeneral99.9971285Rajasthan
15Aditya Kumar PandaGeneral99.9971285Tamilnadu
16Arghyadeep DuttaOBC - (NCL) as PerCentral List99.9971285West Bengal
17Sriram POBC - (NCL) as PerCentral List99.9971285Tamilnadu
18Kasturi SandeepChowdaryGen-Ews99.9971285AndhraPradesh
19Shashank SharmaGeneral99.9971285Rajasthan
20Shubhan SenguptaGeneral99.9971285Maharashtra

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NEET 2024 toppers from General category AIR 1

S.No.Roll NoCandidate’s NameGenderPercentile ScoreState-wise
13111020418Ved Sunilkumar ShendeMale99.9971285Maharashtra
24101140577Syed Aarifin Yusuf MMale99.9971285Tamilnadu
34615020151Rupayan MandalMale99.9971285West Bengal
44502010089Akshat PangariaMale99.9971285Uttarakhand
53814040184Shaurya GoyalMale99.9971285Punjab
74101170046Shailaja SFemale99.9971285Tamilnadu
103805040153Gunmay GargMale99.9971285Punjab

NEET 2024 toppers OBC category

S. No.RollCnameGenderPercentileNeet RankState-wise
12001920176Mridul Manya AnandMale99.9971291Delhi
21518070396Mazin MansoorMale99.9971291Bihar
31504020063Tathagat AwatarMale99.9971291Bihar
44608060714Arghyadeep DuttaMale99.9971291West Bengal
54101070368Sriram PMale99.9971291Tamilnadu
63905270041Kahkasha ParweenFemale99.9971291Jharkhand
71205010353Gattu Bhanuteja SaiMale99.9971291Andhra Pradesh
84408010212Aryan YadavMale99.9971291Uttar Pradesh
92603130439Manav PriyadarshiMale99.9971291Jharkhand
103112500239Mane Neha KuldeepFemale99.9971291Maharashtra

NEET 2024 Toppers EWS category

S. No.Roll NoCandidate’s NameGenderPercentile ScoreNeet AI RankState-wise
14408010813Ayush NaugraiyaMale99.99712851Uttar Pradesh
21203040193Kasturi Sandeep ChowdaryMale99.99712851Andhra Pradesh
33923460114Devesh JoshiMale99.99712851Rajasthan
41205040181Poreddy Pavan Kumar ReddyMale99.99712851Andhra Pradesh
63112380083Aayush ChidrawarMale99.987314182Maharashtra
72208020515Bhumika ShekhawatFemale99.987314192Gujarat
91205100160Yelubandi Reshma NyshithaFemale99.9873141105Andhra Pradesh
103903240175Chavi AeronFemale99.9873141108Rajasthan

NEET 2024 toppers SC category

S. No.Roll NoCandidate’s NameGenderMarks Obt.Percentile ScoreNeet AI RankState-wise
14301010696Chand MallikMale72099.99712851Tripura
24131040542Rajaneesh PMale72099.99712851Tamilnadu
32307010198Yash KatariaMale71899.997042869Haryana
42001770302Ishan GautamMale71599.9873141103Delhi
63812010248Nikhil KumarMale71599.9873141119Punjab
72206020350Amin Urvil NareshkumarMale71599.9873141138Gujarat
84407100313Divya SinghFemale71599.9873141148Uttar Pradesh
93602070284Goutam SialMale71599.9873141190Odisha
103115280326Surjendu BiswasMale71599.9873141287Maharashtra

NEET 2024 toppers ST category

S. No.Roll NumberCandidate NameGenderPercentileNeet RankState-wise
14201020831Guguloth Venkata NripeshMale99.987314167Telangana
24201280763Lavudya Sri Ram NaikMale99.969357453Telangana
33906170167Akshat KataraMale99.969357529Rajasthan
43923310441Puneet BhanwarayatMale99.969357600Rajasthan
52501080243Vanshika SharmaFemale99.968157730Jammu & Kashmir
63115160217Sanjay Singh KushramMale99.940299919Maharashtra
73914010125Arpit KumarMale99.940299935Rajasthan
83903160685Aryan GhunawatMale99.940299947Rajasthan
93903120467Aditya MeenaMale99.9402991201Rajasthan
103903060187Anushka MeenaFemale99.929371493Rajasthan

NEET Result 2024 topper interview

The interviews of NEET toppers 2024 are provided above. Candidates can read the NEET toppers interview to know how the toppers prepare for the medical entrance exam, how they manage to study, the board’s preparation, and various other details. By reading the topper interview, candidates can get insights and make a roadmap for NEET 2025.