NEET 2022: Mistakes you must avoid on the exam day

NEET 2022: Mistakes you must avoid on the exam day

NEET 2022: Mistakes you must avoid on the exam day: The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test- NEET is a gateway to the aspirants who aim to pursue their graduation from top medical and dental colleges in India. Since it is considered prestigious, the competition level always remains at its peak. It must be ensured that

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Aspirants need to be more careful with not only the NEET preparations but also in order to avoid making mistakes while appearing for NEET. However, there are a few common mistakes that candidates make due to pressure while appearing for the exam. As per expert and Senior Physics Lecturer, Prof. Ravindra Kumar Kondamudi, “Candidates do not recalculate their answers in order to make sure that it is a correct one and therefore lose valuable marks.” As per the previous year inputs of experts from Sri Chaitanya, Career Point among other leading institutes also suggest that students should follow the guidelines to avoid mistakes on the NEET 2022 exam day.Also Read - List of dental colleges in India

The article discusses such mistakes and how aspirants can avoid them in order to score well in the NEET entrance exam. Interested aspirants can keep reading the article on mistakes you must avoid on the exam day for NEET 2022.

Mistakes to avoid on NEET 2022 exam day - Not reading the question carefully

One of the most common mistakes by the aspirants at the beginning of the exam. Every question and even the instructions should be read with full attention. This seems something that can be ignored, however, it can create a blunder in the exam. Aspirants must beware of the negative marking, right steps to fill the OMR sheet as well as the other basic rules for the examination mentioned in the instructions.

"Many aspirants do not read the paper or the question well and that is where they lack. Candidates should always keep in mind to read the question properly before starting solving it," said Prof. Ravindra Kumar Kondamudi, NEET lecturer from Sri Chaitanya.

Mistakes to avoid on NEET 2022 exam day - Incompetent Time Management

While preparing for NEET 2022 exam, most candidates forget to practice time management that needs to be followed in the NEET 2022 exam. That is where they lose track and cannot finish the exam on time. Aspirants should set a time limit for Physics, Chemistry and Biology each. and try to stick to those limits, that way they can also improve their speed to answer questions without getting panicked.

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Mistakes to avoid on NEET 2022 exam day - Rushing Towards The Answer

Many aspirants try to complete the NEET question paper quickly, and consequently, rush towards finding the answers, as a result, make a mistake. The lack of accuracy in the answer can make candidates score extremely low in NEET 2022 exam. Aspirants need to answer every question with a calm mind, maintaining the time limit.

Mistakes to avoid on NEET 2022 exam day - Not Recalculating The Answers

Amidst the NEET exam 2022, candidates must ensure that they re-evaluate the answers, either at the end of the exam or right after they attempt the question. Either way, candidates also keep in mind time management. Sometimes, what we calculate in a rush might be incorrect, therefore in order to maintain accuracy, it is important to re-check what you have answered.

Mistakes to avoid on NEET 2022 exam day - Being Over Confident

This may lead the candidates to a risky situation and interlinked to the points that we have mentioned above. By being overconfident, there are chances that aspirants may not read the instructions, do not check the answer properly, and over-estimate his or her speed of answering the question. Just remember that overconfidence will lead to losing more marks Candidates should have faith in their hard work and effort.