NEET PG 2021 Topper Interview- Arjun Agarwal, AIR 2

NEET PG 2021 Topper Interview- Arjun Agarwal, AIR 2

NEET PG 2021 Topper Interview - Arjun Agarwal, AIR 2 - The National Board of Examinations (NBE) has announced the result for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Postgraduate or NEET PG 2021 on September 28. By securing 712 marks in the postgraduate medical exam, Arjun Agarwal from Jaipur has secured All India Rank (AIR) rank 2.

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In a discussion with Careers360, Arjun has shared the strategy that helped him cracking the exam and becoming one of the NEET PG 2021 toppers. He further gives some advice for the future NEET PG 2021 aspirants on how they can prepare for the exam. Interest candidates can read further to know the completer interview of NEET PG 2021 AIR 2 Arjun Agarwal.

Careers360: Congratulations on emerging as a NEET PG topper! How are you feeling about your results?

Arjun Agarwal: It's a good and content feeling of course. I always believed in myself that I can get a good rank in NEET PG 2021, but getting a single digit rank has been amazing. The feeling of being a NEET PG 2021 topper has not been sunk in yet, I am still waiting for the official merit list of NEET PG 2021.

Careers360: Tell us something about your background.

Arjun Agarwal: I am born and brought up in Jaipur and did my schooling there. I did my under graduation from Sawai Man Singh Medical College, Jaipur. My father has done engineering in MBA from Punjab University and my mother is a non-succession advocate. Most of the credit behind my performance in NEET PG 2021 goes to my sister, who is currently working in SMS college.

Careers360: What motivated you to pursue medicine as a career?

Arjun Agarwal: I have always looked up to my sister and chose to opt for MBBS after getting inspired by her.

Careers360: Where did you complete your rotatory internship?

Arjun Agarwal: I did my rotatory internship in MBBS from Sawai Man Singh Medical College, Jaipur itself.

Careers360: How did your family support you in your journey?

Arjun Agarwal: My family has been very supportive and a pillar throughout my NEET PG 2021 preparations. They have never pressurized me and given me all the space I needed., I don't think I could have ever achieved the kind of scores I have without their support.

Careers360: Did you appear for any other entrance examination?

Arjun Agarwal: Yes, I scores rank one in UPSC Combined Medical Services Examination (CMS). And I have also appeared in the INI CET July session, however, could not score as expected.

Careers360: Since you are also a UPSC CMS 2021 topper, will you go for higher studies or join the UPSC?

Arjun Agarwal: No, right now I want to pursue my studies. A lot of people might feel otherwise and it's their opinion, I have complete respect for that. However, for me, completing my post-graduation in medicine is important.

Careers360: How did you prepare for NEET PG 2021?

Arjun Agarwal: So I started preparing for NEET PG 2021 in the third year of my MBBS. I read the standard books as much as I could, which I feel opened my mind to the subject. I couldn't attend all the live lectures so I used to attend 3 out of 19. Later, at the time of my rotatory internship, I used to study through notes.

Careers360: How much time did you devote to self-study vs. coaching and how do you manage to do both?

Arjun Agarwal: My primary source for the NEET PG 2021 preparations was the classroom notes from DB MCI. I used to attend video lectures on Biochemistry and forensic medicine from Narrow. I did coaching for NEET PG 2021 only on weekends and between that, I used to get the time to revise as well. So I used to study and revise as much as I could. The time I devoted to the self-study was not fixed, for instance, one day if I am studying for 5 hours, the number of hours the next day can be different. For me, it's more about learning and understanding.

Careers360: Did you take any mock tests to prepare for NEET PG 2021 preparations

Arjun Agarwal: Yes, I took the Bhatia test series and the Narrow test series. Mock tests are extremely important when you prepare for any exam. It helps you analyse your performance and make you aware of what you need to do differently. One thing that students need to avoid is to compare their mock test performance graph with others. If someone is preparing for NEET PG 2021 with a friend(s), he/she should not compare his/her scores with the other. Always keep an eye on and focus on your performance.

Careers360: What was your exam day strategy for all specialisations?

Arjun Agarwal: I made sure that I sleep well before the exam and maintain a stress-free and healthy lifestyle throughout my NEET PG 2021 preparations. Because I attempted a lot of mock tests, I was aware of what can I expect in the exam so that helped a lot. On the day of the exam, I read each and every question properly.

Careers360: What are your hobbies and did you find time to engage in your hobbies throughout your NEET PG 2021 preparations?

Arjun Agarwal: I believe that the mantra for success is balance. I was a captain of a football team, however, due to COVID-19, I couldn't play much. Other than that, I love travelling and I travelled a lot in the last five years.I love to go out with my family and friends. It is important to pursue your hobbies while you are preparing for an exam, it helps you relax.

Careers360: Since you have appeared for INI CET 2021 as well, what do you think of the difficulty level for both exams?

Arjun Agarwal: I don't think I can answer that question since I don't recall more than half of the questions of INI CET 2021.

Careers360: What factors you would like to attribute to your success?

Arjun Agarwal: My friends and family. And of course, all the time I got due to the postponement of the NEET PG 2021 exam.

Careers360: Any message or advice for future medical aspirants?

Arjun Agarwal: Never stop believing in yourself and do not let anyone put you down.

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