Revision strategy for NEET 2022 - Preparation tips, Routine, Subject wise Strategy

Revision strategy for NEET 2022 - Preparation tips, Routine, Subject wise Strategy

Revision strategy for NEET 2022- The National Testing Agency is the competent authority to conduct the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for all eligible aspirants. As it is known to all that NEET is the single largest medical entrance exam for UG courses, aspirants must check these NEET 2022 revision strategies to crack the test.

Latest Updates for NEET

  • 13 Sep 2021:

    NEET 2021 answer key and analysis released by coaching centres.

  • 06 Sep 2021:

    NEET admit card 2021 released by NTA. Download now.

  • 20 Aug 2021:

    NTA announces NEET 2021 exam city; Check your allotted city

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Millions of medical aspirants appear for the NEET exam to secure admission to around 1,63,150 MBBS/BDS/AYUSH/BVSc &AH seats, which makes it one of the most competitive exams of the nation. The competition of grabbing a medical seat is increasing year by year but with proper preparation strategies for NEET 2022, cracking the test is not that hard.

Aspirants should know that NEET 2022 revision is the key factor of its preparation. Candidates can easily evaluate their NEET preparation and work on the portion they need to do and try to overcome that. Here, revision strategies for NEET 2022 do not mean to be a revision of only one portion, this means the revision of all portions of the NEET 2022 syllabus.

As soon as the time will be lesser in the conduction of the NEET exam, the thing that only matters is how an aspirant strategically revises their concept for NEET 2022. Then the time for hard work will not be left, that will be the time for aspirants how smartly they can prepare for NEET 2022 exam. Every aspirant has its own pattern of revision or preparation for NEET, one should act according to that. However, for convenience, candidates can go through the effective revision strategy for NEET 2022, one can follow and get benefitted.

NEET 2022 revision strategies

Aspirants should be aware of the revision strategies during NEET preparation from the below-mentioned table.

Revision tips for NEET 2022

S.NoNEET 2022 revision tips
1Identify your productivity
2Revise according to a proper routine
3Break down the revision session into a small chain
4Try to revise from own made notes
5Focus on NCERT concept of NEET
6Practice makes you perfect
7Evaluate your NEET preparation progress

Identify your productivity

Candidates are advised to identify their productive hours, productive ways of NEET preparation 2022. Candidates have to act according to their convenience as it increases their productivity and helps aspirants in preparing for NEET 2022 exam. Candidates have to make sure that in that period of NEET preparation, they are fully focused and concentrated on their effective revision for the medical entrance test.

Revise according to a proper routine

After identifying the productive ways, productive time for revision of the concepts of NEET 2022. Candidates should make a daily routine of their NEET 2022 preparation and act accordingly. It must be noted that studying NEET concepts requires proper discipline and a well managed daily routine. Candidates can follow the below mentioned NEET revision routine 2022.

  • As per the convenience wake up but do not make it too late to be called afternoon.

  • A well nutritious breakfast is a must.

  • Study for two hours

  • Take a small 10-minute break

  • Have a half-hour revision

  • Have lunch; a power nap would be a good idea too!

  • Two hours of study again followed by a 10-minute short break

  • Do a little physical exercise, as it increases your circulation all over your body

  • Eat something, a kind of snacks to refill yourself

  • A revision of half an hour is required

  • Have a light dinner

  • Study for one hour

  • Listen to some good soothing music and go off to good night sleep.

Break down the revision session into a small chain

Concentration plays a major role in preparing for big entrance exams like NEET 2022. On the basis of the level of concentration, candidates should break down their revision sessions into small chains and be advised to take some small breaks between them. As per American Physiologist, taking a break between the NEET 2022 revision hour not only makes aspirants mentally relaxed but also boosts up the concentration strength of aspirants for revision.

Try to revise from own made notes

Aspirants should revise the concepts of NEET 2022 from their own made notes. The preparation of NEET 2022 notes requires aspirants to study the theory of that concept thoroughly. While revising for NEET from their own made notes, candidates can easily memorize the detailed concepts. The own-made notes of NEET 2022 are more specific and easily understandable as it is made by them only. Candidates are advised to go through the NEET 2022 revision notes thoroughly and if it is not understandable go through the theory portion regarding that concept.

Focus on the NCERT concept of NEET

While preparing for NEET 2022, revising the syllabus from the NCERT book is very important. Candidates must know the NEET 2022 question papers will be based on the NCERT concept. Though revising from that helps aspirants securing good marks in NEET result. Candidates can focus on the important keynotes, diagrams of NCERT as it is easy to understand and very beneficial also.

Practice makes you perfect!

Revising strategy for NEET 2022 also requires aspirants to practice the concept on the regular basis. Practising questions on the daily basis helps aspirants in managing the time for the NEET 2022 entrance test. Candidates can easily understand the NEET exam pattern, level of the question, and many more. For practising more and more questions of NEET 2022, candidates can opt for the facilities of mock tests, join the test series of medical entrance tests, practice from previous years question papers or sample papers.

Evaluate your NEET preparation progress!

Evaluation of aspirants NEET preparation 2022 is very necessary. After revising and attempting the question of NEET 2022, candidates can measure the progress of their preparation. Candidates can easily know about the section on which they have to work for a better NEET 2022 preparation. With the regular track over the preparation measures of NEET 2022, candidates will be highly benefited out.

Subject wise revision strategy for NEET 2022

Candidates can go through the below mentioned NEET 2022 subject wise revision strategies from below mentioned details.

Revision for NEET Biology

  • Revise all diagrams and tables from NCERT books thoroughly.

  • Examples for the plant kingdoms, animal kingdom, plant morphology, plant anatomy, and animal tissue to be read from NCERT

  • Practice pedigree analysis to get quick inferences

  • Learn the different genetic combinations for dihybrid crosses

  • In genetics, the process of central dogma should be thoroughly revised

  • Practice NCERT based questions as much as you can.

Physics revision of NEET 2022

  • Continue giving mock tests and solving sample and previous year question papers

  • Stay healthy, mentally and physically

  • Get all queries solved within the time from an expert

  • Do not waste time on gadgets or other forms of distraction

Revision for NEET 2022 Chemistry

  • Avoid study from multiple sources- A lot of study material will only make an aspirant confused, therefore, just one coaching material and books mentioned above will be enough for the preparation.

  • Don't set limitations to the theory part: In order to make a steady hand in the study, aspirants must practise as many questions as they can.

  • Don't skip previous years' questions- Previous years question papers will give a fair idea of what you can expect in the NEET Chemistry question paper.

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