Difference Between Ammeter and Galvanometer

The major significant difference between ammeter and galvanometer is that ammeter shows only magnitude of current whereas galvanometer shows both the direction and magnitude of current.

Difference Between Ammeter and Galvanometer

The galvanometer deflects the flow of current with the help of a moving coil which rotates between the permanent magnets and with the flow of current, deflection of the coil occurs. A galvanometer can be turned into an ammeter by parallely connecting a resistance in the electric circuit. It can be used as a voltmeter when resistance is connected in series with it.

Ammeter is used to measure the magnitude of current. It is also called as ampere meter because ampere is the unit of current.

Difference Between Ammeter and Galvanometer



It is a device used to determine the magnitude of current flowing in a circuit.

It is device used to detect the strength and direction of small current present in the circuit

It works with or without the presence of magnetic field.

It works due to the presence of magnetic field

It measure both the Alternate and Direct current

It measures only the direct current

It is less sensitive

It is more sensitive

It is more accurate

It is less accurate

It could be a mechanical or electronic device

It is a mechanical device

It is used in an electrical circuit

It is used in bridge and potentiometer