A magnifying instrument which uses two types of lens to magnify an object with different zoom levels of magnification is called a compound microscope. It consists of two types of lenses viz the objective lens which creates a resolved image and the eyepiece lens which magnifies the object.

A magnifying instrument which uses only one lens to magnify objects is called Simple microscope. Some examples simple microscope are jewelry eyepieces, reading glasses, and pocket magnifiers.

Difference Between Simple and Compound Microscope

Characteristics Simple Microscope Compound Microscope
Number of lenses One to magnify objects 3-5 to magnify objects
Condenser lens Absent Present
Light source Natural Illuminator
Mirror type Concave reflecting One side is plain and the other side is concave
Level of magnification One level only Higher level

Magnifying power

Up to 300X 2,000X
Adjusting Magnification No Yes
Used At basic level By professional for research purpose