St. Mark’s School, Meera Bagh, Calls To Promote Global Peace

St. Mark’s School, Meera Bagh, Calls To Promote Global Peace

Our world can become a better place to live in only when everyone joins hands to make their contribution to it. SDG 17 iterates this as it talks about strengthening the means of implementation and revitalising global partnership for sustainable development. To create this awareness among children, St. Mark’s School, Meera Bagh, New Delhi, organised “Together We Learn” - a five -day online event, that saw participation of 150 students from across 13 countries, including Czech Republic, Philippines, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Pakistan, to name a few.

There was a day dedicated to William Shakespeare and as well as honouring the Global World Heritage along with a series of other fascinating events.

The event taught students the significance of global peace and citizenship. It also marked the school’s 32nd Foundation Day.

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