Courses after 12th Physics - Courses, Colleges & Career opportunities

Courses after 12th Physics - Courses, Colleges & Career opportunities

Courses after 12th Physics: Class 12th with Science background opens a number of opportunities for the aspirant. After completing Class 12th with PCM or PCB, students can choose innumerable courses like Engineering, Physicist, B. Pharmacy, BPT, etc. These Courses after 12th Physics are popular among students. In the present era, many new high salary courses are introduced which can be taken up by the candidates.

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These courses offer a decent salary and broaden the scope of success. Students are advised to choose the Courses after 12th Physics after thorough research about its scope and future relevance. Aspirants should choose the career options as per their interests. Read the article below to know the numerous career options after 12th Physics along with the average fees and expected salary.Also, read Courses after 12th PCM

How to choose high salary courses after 12th Physics?

  • There are many courses after 12th Physics. Be sure about the field you want to pursue a career in. Dig out the internet and research about various courses of your interest thoroughly.

  • Check the related university and research about its National or International ranking. Also, check the fee structure and placement of the respective university.

  • Students are advised to also check the syllabus and course structure of the university to get familiar with it and decide whether they should choose the courses or not.

  • Research about the selected course’s salary structure and scope to make sure about the chances of succeeding in the same.

  • Candidates should take the guidance of any friend or family who is in that field already to get the reassurance of its future relevance

Top Courses after 12th Physics:

Below mentioned are the top high salary Courses after 12th Physics with their eligibility, expected salary and top careers.



Top Careers

Expected Salary*


(4 years)

10+2 with Science (PCM) with min. 60% marks

  • Website Developer

  • Data Analyst

  • Software Engineer

  • Digital Marketer

2.5 lakh- 3lakh PA

Information Technology (IT)

(B.s years- 3 years

B. Tech - 4 years)

10+2 with Science (PCM) with min. 50% marks

  • Application Programmer

  • Network Administrator

  • System Architect

  • Multimedia Designer

15,000 - 30,000 per month initially


(B.Sc - 3 years

B. Tech - 4 years)

10+2 with PCM

  • Aerospace Engineer

  • Computer Systems Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Chemical Engineer

8 lakh- 10 lakh PA


(2-3 years)

10+2 with Science (Min. 50% in Physics and Maths)

  • Commercial Pilot

  • Chief Pilot

  • Co-Pilot

1.75 lakh - 3.5 lakh PA


(B.Sc - 3 years

B. Tech 4 years)

10+2 with Science (PCB) min. 50% marks

  • Network Engineer

  • Network Designer

  • Technical Support Executive

  • Hardware Consultant

1.5 lakh - 2 lakh PA

Merchant Navy

(4 years)

10+2 with Science with min. 60% marks

  • Electrical Officer

  • Radio Officer

  • Chief Engineering Officer

1.8 lakh - 10 lakh PA

BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)

(4 years)

10+2 with Science with min. 50% marks.

PCB +English as compulsory subjects in 12th.

  • Research Assistant

  • Chief Physiotherapist

  • Physiotherapy

  • Training Instructor

  • Sports Physio Rehabilitator

15,000 - 30,000 per month

Environmental Science

(3 years)

10+2 with Science (PCB) with min. 50% marks

  • Conservation Hydrologist

  • Environment Photographer

  • Director of Waste Management

3 lakh- 5 lakh PA


(5 years)

10+2 with Science (PCM) with min. 50% marks

  • Interior Designer

  • Architecture Designer

  • Architecture Engineer

  • Architecture Draftsman

2.5 lakh - 4.5 lakh PA

B.Sc (Bachelor in Science)

(3 years)

10+2 with Science stream

  • Research Analyst

  • Lecturer

  • Enumerator

  • Technical Writer/Editor

2.5 lakh - 3.5 lakh PA

*Salaries are just for an estimate, they can vary on the basis of various factors.

Note: Both PCM and PCB stream candidates can apply for the Physics-related courses. However, in some courses, Maths is also mandatory. Check Courses after 12th PCM

What is Engineering all about?

Bachelor in Technology and Engineering is a very popular course after 12th Physics among aspirants. This course opens up many booming opportunities for the candidates in the field of technology. There are several branches offered by this field which will be discussed in detail further. Students should choose the respective branch as per their interest, capability, and preference. The competitive exams through which candidates can pursue B.Tech/Engineering are IIT-JEE, UPSEE, BITSAT, etc. The popular branches of B.Tech/Engineering are mentioned below:

  • Automobile Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Computer Science Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

Average Fees: Ranging from 50,000 to 2 lakhs yearly

Top Engineering Colleges in India

Below mentioned are the best colleges for Engineering in India:

  1. IITs, GFITs and IIITs- Madras, Bombay, Kharagpur, Delhi, Kanpur, Roorkee, Guwahati

  2. Anna University

  3. Jadavpur University

  4. Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

  5. Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT)

Is Information Technology (IT) a good career choice?

Another field in which aspirants can pursue a course after 12th Physics is Information Technology (IT). This is also an engineering field in which job profiles are related to computers as well as telecommunications to control, store, gather and to circulate information. Both software and hardware sectors are a part of the IT sector. IIT-JEE, GATE, etc are the competitive exams through which students can carry forward this course. Some of the top Colleges for pursuing IT-related courses are mentioned below:

Average Fees: 30,000 to 2 lakhs yearly

Top Colleges for Information Technology in India

Some of the top colleges for Information Technology are discussed below:

  1. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

  2. Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad

  3. Delhi Technological University, Delhi

  4. Academy of Technology, Hooghly

  5. Army Institute of Technology, Pune

Astronomy courses in India after 12th

Astronomy involves the study of motion, effects, forms and dimensions of outer space. This career option requires aspirants to be thorough in Physics. Students can do a major in Physics disciplines such as Astronomy, Astrophysics, Meteorology or Atmospheric Science to be an Aerospace Engineer, Data Analyst, etc. For carrying forward these courses after 12th physics students can appear for the competitive exams such as JEE Main/Advanced, ISAT, etc. There are few colleges in India which offers a bachelor degree in this course. Most of them put forth the master's degree. Many colleges in abroad offer several courses of this discipline. Thus, students are advised to research well before applying for any college in India. Some of them are mentioned below.

Average Fees: 2 lakh - 5 lakh PA

Top Colleges for Astronomy Courses

Find the top Astronomy Colleges in India below:

  1. Indian Institute of Technology, (Bombay, Bangalore, Madras)

  2. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai

  3. Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology (IIST), Trivandrum

  4. Indian Centre for Space Physics, Kolkata

What are the courses in Aviation after 12th?

Aviation is a term used for operating and flying an aircraft. There are several high salary courses after 12th Physics which are offered in this field. Several jobs in airline or even in the airport can be pursued after graduating from this field. Aspirants can choose to be a Commercial Pilot, Co-Pilot etc after completion of the respective course and getting the required licence. Some of the top Aviation institutes are mentioned below:

Average Fees: 21,000 - 70,000 yearly (can vary)

Top Institutes for Aviation Courses:

The list of top 5 institutions for Aviation courses are enumerated below:

  1. Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi

  2. University of Mumbai, Mumbai

  3. Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur

  4. NIMS University, Jaipur

  5. Hindustan First Grade College, Mysore

Career options in Hardware and Networking

This field includes working of computers and gadgets. The thorough knowledge of equipment function is required in this field. Aspirants can become a Network Engineer, Hardware consultant, etc after pursuing this course. Students are advised to go through the top colleges for Hardware courses after class 12th Physics to know the requisite information and choose accordingly.

Top Hardware Colleges in India:

Average Fees: 50,000 - 1 lakh yearly

Top Colleges for Hardware

Some of the top Hardware Colleges in India are mentioned below:

  1. Indian Institute of Hardware Technology, Bangalore

  2. Jetking, Mumbai

  3. Rooman Technologies, Bangalore

  4. Institute of Computer Technology and Engineering, Lucknow

Is Merchant Navy a permanent job?

This field involves international trade, which means carrying cargo all over the world. The merchant ships recruit a huge amount of workers to carry and supply goods to several countries. Merchant Navy offers innumerable positions and posts in order to give jobs to deserving aspirants. This is a very good career option after class 12th Physics. It's a very decent and respected field which provides a decent income as well. Some of the top Merchant Navy institutes are discussed below.

Average Fees : 2,50,000- 4,50,000 yearly

Top Institutes for Merchant Navy Courses

Go through the best institutions for pursuing Merchant Navy courses below:


  2. Chanakya

  3. MANET

  4. Tolani Maritime Institute

  5. AMET

Scope of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a 4-year undergraduate course which can be pursued after 12th PCB, this course includes compulsory 6 months of clinical internship, which involves the science of physical movement aimed at relieving diseases and disability. BPT puts forth great career opportunities. This is one of the best courses after 12th Physics. Aspirants can become chief physiotherapist, research assistant etc after completion of this course.

Average Fees: INA 1 lakh - 5 lakh

Top Physiotherapy Colleges in India

Top 5 Physiotherapy colleges in India are mentioned below:

  1. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research

  2. Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences

  3. JSS College of Physiotherapy

  4. Apollo Physiotherapy College

  5. Indian Institute of Health Education & Research

What jobs can one get with an Environmental Science degree?

Environment Science is a great field which includes the study of elements of physics, biology, social sciences and chemistry. This field offers several courses after 12th Physics such as conservation hydrologist, environment photographer environment journalist, etc. Some of the top colleges to pursue Environmental Science related courses are mentioned below:

Average Fees: INR 20,000 - 3 lakh

Top Colleges for Environmental Science :

There are some of the top Colleges for carrying forward this course. The top colleges for Environment Science are mentioned below:

  1. Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar

  2. Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam

  3. Fergusson College, Pune

  4. Patna Science College, Patna

  5. Mount Carmel College, Bangalore

Is Architecture a good career for the future?

Architecture involves the study of designing, process, and construction of buildings. It assures decent growth as a career in the future. It is a work of mathematical calculations which puts forth many career opportunities such as an interior designer. There are many diploma courses after 12th Physics which can be taken up in this field. Aspirants can also appear for several government exams in order to be selected in government-related designations of this discipline. Some of the top colleges for B.Arch are given below.

Average Fees: INR 1.5 to 5lakhs

Top Colleges for Architecture

India offers many good colleges for carrying forward B.Arch or related diploma courses. Find below some of the top colleges for Architecture in India:

  1. Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur

  2. School Of Planning And Architecture, Delhi

  3. Sir J. J. College Of Architecture, Mumbai

  4. Jadavpur University, Kolkata

  5. Birla Institute Of Technology, Mesra

What to do after B.Sc?

There are several opportunities after pursuing bachelors in science. Aspirants can do a major in their interest related subjects. In today’s era B.Sc. has earned great popularity and proved to be one of the booming courses after class 12th Physics which offers high salary job opportunities such as lecturers, scientist, analyst, etc. Few of the top institutions for bachelor in Science are listed below:

Average Fees : 25,000 - 30,000 yearly.

Top Colleges for B.Sc Course

Some of the best colleges for B.Sc in India are discussed below:

  1. Miranda House

  2. Hansraj College

  3. Loyola College, Chennai

  4. Christ University, Bangalore

  5. St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi