ISC Topper Interview 2022 - Check Preparation Tips From Brilliant Students

ISC Topper Interview 2022 - Check Preparation Tips From Brilliant Students

ISC Topper interview 2022: The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations has released the CISCE toppers 2022 list. This year, 99.38% students managed to clear the exam. As per the ISC toppers list, 18 students managed to grab Rank 1 in ISC result 2022.

We interviewed Puja Kejriwal, a Commerce stream student who scored 98.75% and Dimple Kothari from Arts stream scored 97.5%. Read the entire article to know how to prepare for board ISC board exams, how toppers make their strategy, etc.

ISC Class 12 Toppers interview: Puja Kejriwal (Commerce, 98.75%)

Read the CISCE 12th Class scholars interview to know Puja Kejriwal’s preparation strategy:

CareersToday: What was your reaction after seeing the CISCE result?

Puja Kejriwal: My reaction when I saw the marksheet was a bit neutral. I was definitely very happy. However, I was a bit sure that I was going to score something around that.

CareersToday: How was your experience with board exams, What is your take on semester 1 and semester 2 pattern?

Puja Kejriwal: The term pattern of the exam was a bit interesting. It has taught me to be ready for little changes in life at all times because change is the only constant!

CareersToday: In your opinion, which is the easiest and toughest subject?

Puja Kejriwal: As people say, it's all in the mind, likewise the degree of toughness of any subject is merely a subjective outlook. I made sure that I incentivised myself at times when I didn't feel like sitting at my study table, especially for theoretical subjects.

CareersToday: Tell us something about your preparation strategy.

Puja Kejriwal: With regards to my strategy, I simply believe in revising the concepts which were taught at school or tuitions that very day and minimise backlogs as much as I could.

CareersToday: Which books did you use for preparation?

Puja Kejriwal: For Economics, I have followed Frank Isc, for maths M. L Aggarwal sir's book, for accountancy D. K Goel sir 's book and for commerce Dr C. B Gupta sir.

CareersToday: Have you appeared for any competitive exams and what was your performance in that?

Puja Kejriwal: I am recently preparing for a competitive exam called CUET

CareersToday: What are your future goals?

Puja Kejriwal: In future, I'd like to study Finance and Economics.

CareersToday: Would you provide some tips to students who will be appearing in ISC 2022-23 exams?

Puja Kejriwal:To my juniors, I would like to suggest that you should be as consistent as possible. Have faith, pray everyday and there you are!

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ISC Class 12 Toppers interview: Dimple Kothari (Arts, 97.5%)

CareersToday: Congrats on your outstanding performance in ISC Class 12 result 2022. How was your reaction after seeing your result?

Dimple Kothari: In the first instance, I was way too nervous to just open the website. And when I entered my roll number and other required things, for a few minutes, I got freezed after seeing my results and then I was jumping and dancing.

CareersToday: Is there someone you would like to credit for your achievement?

Dimple Kothari: First of all, I would take the name of God, who stood beside me all the time. Secondly, I've my family & teachers. And not to forget, my friend circle helped me a lot, not just academically but emotionally too.

CareersToday: Which is your favourite subject?

Dimple Kothari: My favourite subject is English.

CareersToday: Tell us something about your preparation strategy.

Dimple Kothari: Arts students require a lot of written practice, so the first step is definitely practising answer writing. So, I've practised a lot by writing specially because the pandemic had affected this aspect very badly. Secondly, it's ok if you read 9 out of 10 topics, but one should make sure that those 9 topics are done so wonderfully, that you are able to answer anything related to it. So, whenever I choose a particular topic, I make sure that I am able to cover it in totality. Thirdly, studying with a big group is definitely not my cup of tea. And I studied most of the time with a friend of mine over video call.

CareersToday: Have you faced any difficulties and problems to achieve your dream?

Dimple Kothari: There are difficulties in everyone's life. And I consider this as a part of growing. Since no one from my family comes from the Arts background, I couldn't get a proper guidance from them. And secondly, sometimes I used to get so emotionally & physically drained out that I couldn't even gather the strength for a day or two to do something.

CareersToday: How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?

Dimple Kothari: Honestly, talking with my best friends and eating good food with the whole family is my stress buster.

CareersToday: Have you appeared for any competitive exams?

Dimple Kothari: Throughout my school life, right from standard.2, I have given Olympiad examinations. And this year, I've given the CUET ~ Central University Entrance Test.

CareersToday: What are your future goals?

Dimple Kothari: I want to serve my nation. I aspire to become a psychologist. Also, since I love writing poems, short stories; cooking, I really look forward to doing something in these fields also.

CareersToday: Any message or advice for future board students?

Dimple Kothari: First of all, don't run behind marks, crave for knowledge, experience because ultimately that's gonna help you. Secondly, don't let peer pressure dominate you. Thirdly, "If you want to obtain good marks, leave all social media" ~ This is a myth. I was active on Instagram & WhatsApp before my examinations, and even during my examinations. It's just that you need to remember that everyone has the same 24 hours, it's how you utilize it as well as enjoy it better than others. Fourthly, both early morning and late night studies are best ~ you need to choose what's better for you. Fifthly, don't hesitate to ask questions. If you have any doubts, please clarify. Everyone has different learning styles and speed, so it's nothing to be ashamed of. And sixthly, never give up.

Follow all the 5P`s:

1. Persistence

2. Passion

3. Perseverance

4. Purpose

5. Practise