NCERT Book for class 12 Physics

NCERT Book for class 12 Physics

NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics: NCERT Books are planned under the National Curriculum Framework. Most schools that are affiliated to CBSE prescribe the NCERT books. NCERT book for class 12 physics helps students to know about CBSE class 12th syllabus and study accordingly. Students should study from NCERT Class 12th Physics book to understand the course well and score high. Students are suggested to study all the subjects from NCERT books as these are planned for the better board exam and KVPY, JEE, NEET competitive exam preparation.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the NCERT physics books class 12th marking scheme and the importance of NCERT books for class 12th Physics.

Importance of reading NCERT books for class 12th Physics :

  • NCERT books are written by the experts after detailed research and thus these books help in giving accurate knowledge to students.

  • All the topics mentioned in the NCERT class 12th Physics book are written in simple language for a better understanding of students.

  • NCERT books play a great role in clearing the fundamental concepts of the students. The simple way of explanation in these books makes it easier for readers to understand.

  • The NCERT books for Class 12th Physics strictly follows the CBSE curriculum. This adds in scoring high in the 12th class board exam which proves that NCERT books are the best for scoring good marks.

  • The questions mentioned in the NCERT 12th Physics books are the sample questions that should be practiced for the board exam for scoring high.

How to Download NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics Pdf Free?

Students who want to access pdf of NCERT books class 12 Physics for free can either click the link mentioned below or can click on the official website of NCERT to download the free NCERT book pdf. Steps to download NCERT Physics books for class 12th online :

  • Click on the respective chapter link or visit the official website

  • Select the desired class and subject.

  • A pdf file will open on your computer screen.

  • Click on the arrow given above to download the free pdf file of NCERT Class 12 Physics book.

Steps to Purchase NCERT book for class 12 Physics Online

From the academic session 2018-19, NCERT has started the provision to purchase the NCERT books online for students. To purchase the same, follow these steps :

  • Candidates can visit the official website of NCERT, to purchase the Class 12 Physics Books online.

  • Register online by giving the basic info. before placing the order.

  • Further, Click on the link "order textbooks online" and add the Class 12 Physics NCERT books in the cart.

  • Click on the option “proceed to payment” for paying the amount by using a credit card and debit card or net banking through online mode.

NCERT Book for Class 12 Physics

Below given table contains the NCERT Class 12th physics books name and chapters that students should read for their board examination-

NCERT Physics Books


Physics Part - 1


Chapter 1 – Electric Charges and Fields

Chapter 2- Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Chapter 3- Current Electricity

Chapter 4- Moving Charges and Magnetism

Chapter 5- Magnetism and Matter

Chapter 6- Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 7- Alternating Current

Chapter 8- Electromagnetic Waves


Physics Part - 2


Chapter 9- Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Chapter 10- Wave Optics

Chapter 11- Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Chapter 12- Atoms

Chapter 13- Nuclei

Chapter 14-Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices, and Simple Circuits

CBSE Class 12th Physics Marking Scheme

The CBSE Class 12th physics marking distribution of periods and marking scheme among the units are mentioned in detail below.



No. of periods


Unit - 1


Chapter–1: Electric Charges and Fields

Chapter–2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance



Unit - 2

Current Electricity

Chapter–3: Current Electricity


Unit - 3

Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

Chapter–4: Moving Charges and Magnetism

Chapter–5: Magnetism and Matter



Unit - 4

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

Chapter–6: Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter–7: Alternating Current


Unit - 5

Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter–8: Electromagnetic Waves



Unit - 6


Chapter–9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Chapter–10: Wave Optics


Unit - 7

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Chapter–11: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter



Unit - 8

Atoms and Nuclei

Chapter–12: Atoms

Chapter–13: Nuclei


Unit - 9

Electronic Devices

Chapter–14: Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits






Best Reference books for Class 12th Physics

Students are advised to use study material as references during the preparation for the board exams. This will help them to stick to an organized schedule. Hence, it is important to have access to the best books for CBSE Class 12th. It is a known fact that NCERT books are the best for CBSE 12th board preparation. But simply mugging the NCERT 12th Physics books won’t be sufficient for the preparation. Students should be thorough with the NCERT books at least 6 months before 12th boards. This will give them ample time to consider using other reference books. Some of the best reference books for CBSE 12 Physics are listed below:

  • HC Verma

  • Xam Idea

  • S L Arora

  • Pradeep’s

These books contain plenty of conceptual questions that are frequently asked in CBSE Class 12 boards.

NCERT Class 12 Physics Preparation tips

  • Students need to ensure that they finish the CBSE syllabus of 12th grade based on the CBSE Class 12th marking scheme and weightage of each unit.

  • Units with high weightage topics of physics NCERT class 12th books should be thoroughly prepared. At the same time, students must have a basic knowledge of all the chapters.

  • Solve CBSE class 12th question papers of all types. If the candidates are preparing for JEE or NEET, they can solve JEE practice questions and NEET practice questions as well. These questions include practice questions from the NCERT Book for Class 12 Physics.

  • Students can refer NCERT physics solution while practicing questions.