Telangana Board Class 9th Social Science Books - Download PDF Free Online

Telangana Board Class 9th Social Science Books: The Board of Secondary Education manages the TSBIE curriculum of Class 9. The Social Science Class 9th book PDF Telangana Board is designed by subject professionals and complex topics are explained in a very easy manner so that the students can clear their doubts. The TSBIE social science book is useful for self-study and self-assessment of the students in a particular topic.

The Telangana Board Book for Social Science is divided into two parts. The first part of Class 9th Social Science book PDF Telangana board contains topics from geography and economics and the second part of Telangana Social Science book 9 contains topics from history and political science. The first part of geography and economics consists of chapters like Our Earth, The Natural Realms of the Earth, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Industries in India, Service activities in India, Prices, and Cost of Living, etc. The second part of History and Political Science consists of chapters like Industrialization and Social Change, Social Protest Movements, Impact of Colonialism in India, Expansion of Democracy, Human Rights and Fundamental Rights, Women Protection Acts, Disaster Management, etc.

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Telangana Board Class 9th Social Science Book PDF

Students should complete the TSBIE Class 9 social science book first and then look for reference books. Here, we have given the official Class 9 social science book PDF for students. Download them and start preparing for the exams.

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How to download Social Science Textbook pdf class 9th Telangana Board?

Students can download the official Telangana board Class 9 social science books through the official website. Follow the below given instructions to get the Class 9 social science Telangana book.

  • Visit the official website of the State Council of Educational Research and Training Telangana
  • On the Left-Hand Side Table Click on ‘e-Textbooks’.
  • You will be redirected to the E-Books Page. All the Textbooks from Std I-X are available on the page.
  • Scroll down to the standard you desire. All the Textbooks in respective regional languages are available in the table on the page.
  • Click on the desired Medium of Language. Choose the appropriate textbook.
  • The file will be opened in PDF Format. Click on the download option in the upper right corner of the PDF file.
  • Choose the appropriate location for your book and click save.
  • The PDF book will be available on your computer/mobile.
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Chapters in Telangana Board Class 9th Social Science syllabus

Our Earth
The Natural Realms of the Earth
Agriculture in India
Industries in India
Service Activities in India
Credit in the Financial System
Prices and Cost of Living
The Government Budget and Taxation
Democratic and Nationalist Revolutions 17th and 18th 19th Centuries
Industrialisation and Social Change
Social Protest and Movements
Colonialism in Latin America, Asia, and Africa
Impact of Colonialism in India
Expansion of Democracy
Democracy- An Evolving Idea
Human Rights and Fundamental Rights
Women Protection Acts
Disaster Management
Traffic Education

Class 9th Telangana Board Book PDF:

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Reference books for Telangana board Class 9th Social Science

Reference books that students can refer to include NCERT Social Science Books, All in One Social Science CBSE Class 9 – Arihant, Golden Social Science, S. Chand for Social Science, Evergreen self-study in Social Science Class 9, etc.

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